Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Prayer Support "Team" Vital for Our S.O.R. Unit

One thing we have never mentioned publicly in this Blog is our S.O.R. Unit and the Prayer Support Team that aids it. It's time to break the silence.

N.A.P.S. conducts very scientific investigations into alleged paranormal cases, and does so (unashamedly) from a neo-apostolic and scriptural Christian perspective.  As such, we have a Spiritual and Occult Research (S.O.R.) Unit made up of a few investigators within N.A.P.S. who feel they have a calling in their life to help people plagued by the demonic.  Plain and simple, it is our Demonology Unit.  We don't talk about it much because it is so misunderstood and even other paranormal investigators sometimes assume that this is what we "see" in every case - which simply is far from the truth. We are just ready when it does happen.  Severe demonization cases are actually rare (at least our case history).  We also are not "charismatic" Christians.  We are sober, rational investigators who are simply deeply spiritual in our Christian beliefs and faith, but are not "religious" in the sense of putting on a front or a masquerade.  We are into substance, not form.  We are neither charis-phobics nor charis-maniacs.  We are balanced.  However, this web-log entry is not about the S.O.R. Unit, it is about the Prayer Support Team that daily lifts us up in prayer, and helps keep us protected.

This fine group of people are dedicated, known prayer warriors who know how to pray and have the gift of intercession.  Most of them are elderly and retired.  They are the true saints of the faith, and possess much wisdom.  They more than accept what we do and fully understand us as helping people.  They have agreed to pray for us, specifically to help the Unit and the Team as a whole be protected as we go to various sites and locations.  They pray for us to be blessed and for the Spirit to work through us to set people free.  They pray that nothing attaches to us and follows us home and endangers us or our loved ones.  They understand and know that we will draw fire and actual curses and hexes from individuals due to the fact of what we do.  These people pray to protect us from those curses and hexes placed upon us, as they can be reversed or rendered harmless.  They are invaluable to our Team and we could not do nor would we attempt to do what we sometimes do if they were not there.

To Our Prayer Support Team:
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for caring for us in such a special way, and for caring so deeply for souls in turmoil, distress and oppression.  We could not do what we do with the confidence level we do it with if you all were not there for us.  Thank you, and may God bless you; now and always may you stay blameless til He comes.

End Note: Our SOR Unit was called upon and activated just today - as well as our Prayer Support Team.  Sometimes we are called upon as consultants, and to stand by if we are needed.  We are currently in prayer (and some are also fasting) for a special need in our region.  If you feel so led, please pray also.  A family is in deep need.  Our Eternal Father will know of whom you are interceding for.  Thank you.


  1. I am very impressed by your teams dedication to help people and your willingness to face the darkness which so few are inclined to face. after our recent email converstion I have asked my Mother who is a Sunday School Teacher and who understands what some of us do in trying to help people that have unseen issues, to pray for your team and those you are trying to help. I have also asked her to see if there are any others in her church or her class ,who would also be willing to pray. You have become somewhat of an inspiration to me. I appreciate your friendship and your help and I applaud your courage in speaking out. If more Christians would pray instead of judging, something wonderful might be accomplished. Angela- MSSPI

  2. Thanks Angela for your very kind comments, and especially to you and your mother for your prayers (and others in her Church who are praying). I was contacted today and I will be assisting in person in this very serious case, and do need your prayers, as will all of us involved directly and indirectly, including you and your mom (you know well how the demonic counter-attacks). I know the client thanks you as well. This case has gone all the way to John Zaffis, as we are attempting to locate the right priest who can help us. Please pray specifically for that connection to be made, as the unholy is attempting to block that link-up.

    We inspire one another, and thanks for being a friend! - Mike