Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Never Waste A Trip Past The Myrtles...

Last night, Monday evening, NAPS Co-Founder and Case Manager Kim Frith and I (Mike Chapman) decided to drive down to the Best Buy store in Baton Rouge to purchase a Western-Digital hard-drive for a laptop computer that will give us a third laptop dedicated to NAPS use.  That's part of the curse of living in a small town, having to drive out-of-town to get such "basic" items.  However, it would give us isolated and significant time to discuss aspects of the team that we lead, our goals for 2011, and ways we can improve and grow.  The other bonus was even better...it would take us directly past The Myrtles on US Highway 61 South, in St. Francisville!

We couldn't resist taking advantage of the opportunity.  First, we were hungry, so we "invaded" the restaurant that is just a few feet from the main house itself.  We walked in dressed in blue-jeans around 8:00pm to a virtually empty place, with only one other couple seated in the entire restaurant.  The couple, dressed all proper, eyed us up and down with wrinkled noses as we were seated by Joey, the cook, who was covering as a waiter also, because the rest of the staff had probably been sent home on such a "dead" evening (sorry, couldn't resist).

Soon the other couple departed, which left us alone in the restaurant with Joey.  This allowed us to meet him and speak openly about who we were and what we do (paranormal researchers), whether or not he's had paranormal experiences while working there (of course, he had!), and when the best times are to make reservations to stay at The Myrtles and so forth.  Soon, we also met Beth, the owner of the restaurant.  We had a great time talking about things and feel like we made inside friends and connections with Myrtles staff.  It was a great evening just in that light.  We ate our food, which was absolutely delicious (thanks Joey and Beth!), left our NAPS card, and then we got up and went outside to resume our trip to Baton Rouge.  However, we couldn't resist a quick EVP and photo shoot on the grounds where our Team has gotten many positive EVP before.  That's when it happened...

We walked back to our favorite hot-spot on the grounds of the Myrtles, and Kim was conducting an EVP session using an RT-EVP (by DAS).  While she was doing this I (Mike) was snapping occasional photos.  As I was just watching her, suddenly I saw something move out of the right corner of my right eye.  I knew it was something significant, so I raised the camera and pivoted that direction to snap off a photo.  At exactly that same moment Kim said, "Is that you standing behind me?"  I snapped the photo, and captured the orb you see in the photo.

We know, we know.  You are thinking it's just dust or moisture.  Wrong.  It had been raining earlier, and there was absolutely no dust that could be there.  It was not raining at the time, so there were no droplets coming down.  None.  None of our other photos show any moisture or droplets on the lens (it would have been repeated in other photos).  It also simply appears to look different to us, than dust.  It really does appear to be glowing - or luminescent.

I can honestly tell you that we, as a team, are highly suspicious of orbs as genuine evidence, but we do believe that orbs as energy and/or spirit manifestations are occasionally the real thing.  Due to the context of this occurrence, which cross-references three phenomena occurring at the same time in exactly that area makes this orb, in our opinion, a candidate to be the real thing.  The photo is shown below.  You be the judge!

Oh, and one more thing, we did get four positive EVPs during Kim's 4 minute session, including 1 Class A, 1 Class B and 2 Class Cs (one Class C is in response to her question, "Is that you standing behind me?").  The class A EVP was in response to, "Can you tell me your name?"  The response is a very clear, "Stephen."  The positive EVP session enhances the context for a genuine orb finding, or "call."

Photo of Orb:  Pictures taken just before this one and just after show no such orb.  We do not think it was light refraction or reflection, moisture or dust.  Kim is just out of view to the left with her back to this phenomenon, and had just said, "Is that you standing behind me?"  I had just seen something move out of the corner of my eye and had swung the camera over to this position (in front of the stump) to take the shot, due to what I had seen move out of the corner of my eye.  All of this happened within a second or two. 

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