Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Adams County's "Hell House?" Old County Jail Contact

While on duty today at the Sheriff's Department (I started day shift for a month so my vampire days are over for a bit), I went in the Old County Jail site which is next door to our current Jail and Sheriff's Office in downtown Natchez.  This building currently holds the offices of the Adams County Board of Supervisors.  I spoke with Ms. Angela Hutchins (whom I've known as an acquaintance for a while) who is the Administrative Secretary for the Board.  She has worked at this location for 23 years!  She also works alone unless someone drops by, or one of the Supervisors (who work part-time) drops into his office for a bit.  So, one would think that if anyone has had paranormal experiences at this site she would be the one to talk to, right? 

So, I went there to ask her if she would consent to an in-depth interview to discuss what she has experienced.  Angela was extremely open and seemed even relieved that we were interested in investigating the building.  She described a whole array of different types of experiences, including sounds, water coming on and off by itself, telephone machines coming on and off, and most recently (this summer) she is seeing a shadow figure.  Angela told me of other people who have heard voices, including the Board's President.  She was of the opinion that Board President Darryl Grennell would be very open to a full investigation of the site and would himself probably want to observe.  Angela stated that he has always talked about having a paranormal team come and investigate.  The building and site have long been associated with paranormal activity, and are even cited by some as being the most haunted site in Adams County (including former Sheriff Tommy Ferrell).  The second floor, still to this day, has the original death row cells and trap door where people were executed by hanging.  A photo of the building is provided at top right.  Just out of site to the right of the building is our current building where we Deputies work out of and house our current county inmates. 

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