Monday, November 1, 2010

Gear Update

FLIR i7:
Our FLIR i7 is on the way, and should be here in about a week.  The FLIR i7 is an infrared thermal imaging camera.  We should have a very good grasp of its capabilities by the time we do our field investigation of King's Tavern in mid to late November.  We will be putting it through several field tests and trials.  It's best application in the KT investigation, other than general sweeps, will probably be to keep a close thermal watch on the fireplace, which is one of the supposed areas of paranormal activity at the Tavern.  Numerous reportings have been cited in which people (including one of our own team members) experience heat coming from the fireplace when there was no fire, nor even a recent fire...just a clean, "empty" fireplace.  Click here for a demo of the FLIR i7.

N.A.P.S. T-Shirts are now in.
N.A.P.S. Caps are also now in!

Other Tech-Equip: 
The Temperature Data Logger is on its way, as well as the new improved Sony Infrared Motion Detector Camera/Video that has an early alert PIR system that primes the camera/video so that there is no delay upon sensing motion.  It is an improvement over the Mini-DVR, in that is much more sensitive, and has its own built in monitor in the rear of the sensor for live view of what the sensor is aiming at, plus instant playback and viewing of photo or video shots.

Resource Library:
Our team resource library is growing as well, most recent editions to what is available for team members to read/study are:
Breakthrough, by Konstantine Raudive (old, original copy - on EVPs)
Voices in Eternity, by Sarah Estep (old, original copy - on EVPs)
A Way Through the Wilderness, by William C Davis (about early Natchez Trace)
A History of Muhlenberg County (Kentucky) by Otto Rothert (on Harpes)
The Outlaws of Cave-in-Rock, by Otto Rothert (on Harpes and Samuel Mason)
There is No Death and There Are No Dead, by Tom & Lisa Butler (on ITC & EVP)
and many others...

We are currently compiling a list of books that team members own and are willing to let others read and study, so we have a clear, concise listing of all available resources.

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