Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bulletin To Team: Heads Up, Much Going On!


Monday Morning 11/15 at 8:00am

Historical Research Sub-Team is meeting at Mike's House (Mike C; Kim F; Chris J; and Summer S). We are going to go over King's Tavern History and continue to organize it. We will be developing a KT timeline on SmartDraw; an Line of Ownership Chart; Cite Sources Listing; and dole out report writing tasks and other duties. From this we should be able to soon (next month or so) launch our Historical Research WebSite.

Monday Evening 11/15 at 6:15pm

A group of us (Mike C; Kim F; Mike D; Kimberly D; Benjie S; and an outside consultant) are going to the Franklin County Private Home site to do the following: 1) Floor Plan sketch and house layout; 2) Record EMF baseline readings; 3) Take Photos of House and site; 4) Chart exact location of every single phenomena witnessed by family. Mike C has already typed the list up from the two-hour in-depth interview we had with the family on November 11. The list has 21 separate phenomena listed. We want to mark on the floor plan exactly where each one happened. This will be drawn up on SmartDraw as a transparency overlay on top of our floor plan, and will locate areas of highest phenomena.  From all of this information we will do our equipment location and layout plan, which will also be as a transparency overlay;  5) Record any other phenomena or information the family has thought of since we met; and, 6) Don Estes, one of our outside consultants (see main website under Consultants) will be dowsing for a body in the area where the adult female saw the apparition of an Indian and he told her, "My mother is buried here." Our field investigation into this site will be soon, probably soon after the KT field investigation. Meet up at B-KWIK on Hwy 61 North at 6:15pm.

Friday Evening Team Meeting at Civil Defense - 7:30pm

We need to meet this Friday in order to get ready for the massive investigation at King's Tavern. There are several things we need to go over in order to have the deck cleared for that. I'd like to have all our cases up to date and all reports, evidence review, and findings done and cleared out of the way for the KT field investigation - and I need to communicate a lot to ya'll with regards to that as well as get you up to date on some interesting cases. We also need to look at calendar stuff and see what everyone's schedules are.

Benbrook House DVR Data Uploaded to SugarSync

Michael DeLorenze has uploaded all of the DVR camera video from the field investigation at Benbrook House onto the Data Storage Site (SugarSync) for us to start reviewing those for evidence. Each camera has seven segments (files) on each camera - so there's plenty of evidence for everyone to sign online and start reviewing (hint, hint!!!). Get with Mike C or Mike D for details. Remember to mark the current "unk" (unknown - not reviewed) to either "pos" (positive for evidence) or "neg" (negative for evidence) once you've reviewed the entire file. Remember if you do spot evidence to mark the time begin and end for that clip to be "snipped out" for the reveal CD for the client (and for our files). I've already spotted evidence on Camera 1's third segment from 44:01 to 44:15. (Just now all of ya'll are scrambling to get online and look at it!!! LOL)

Late Breaking News
Just this evening since I got off of work at 6pm I've been notified of TWO possible emergency cases: a young woman having "a lot" going on and "needs N.A.P.S.' help"; also was asked to pray for an older lady who may have demonic influences going on in her home - EVPs from a trusted source indicate possible demonic activity.


  1. Mike, Just to let you know, we have Defensive Driving at the Civil Defense office this Thursday night from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. Sorry but you will have to meet somewhere else and I won't be able to come.
    Ya'll have fun tonight.

  2. Cheryl, we gotta have you there! :) Kim spoke with Cheryl, and meeting has been shifted to FRIDAY at 7:30PM, at Civil defense Offices at the Sheriff's Office, on State Street in Natchez. Anyone (including guests) is welcome to attend.

  3. Mike - I can't be there Friday. This entire week is completely booked with the Nutcracker. Haylee is performing every night - dress rehearsals begin tonight, and shows begin Thursday and run through Sunday. :( I'm sorry I had to leave so abruptly yesterday morning, but strep throat has no manners obviously (Aimee tested positive yesterday afternoon)

  4. That's fine Summer - we know you're busy with that. Sorry about the step throat that Haylee has. We'll fill you in on Friday after it happens. I think you know what we'll be doing...basically we're going to get everyone organized on evidence review, which you and Chris are not having to do anyway, as you have your special assignment on what we talked about yesterday morning. That's what I need you two working on. So, keep communicating with Chris on that, and the rest of us will clear the evidence review backlog. BTW, I have the licensed copy of WORD here from Mike D for you. Just let me know how to get it to you.