Friday, November 5, 2010

Team Meeting & Natchez City Cemetery: It was Mrs. Esther in the Tavern with the Spanish Dagger...

N.A.P.S. met last night (Thursday) and we had a great time.  We briefed one another on our historical research into King's Tavern, and broke it all down on the white board.  It was a really fun discussion, and very informative.  The history of King's Tavern actually begins with the Jersey Settlers, who came to Kingston ( a settlement just outside Natchez to the Southeast) all the way from New Jersey via Florida.  Their story alone is fascinating.  We covered key points, and updated the extensive time-line.  We even have uncovered the name of the infamous wife of Richard King (Esther) who supposedly murdered her husband's mistress, the "Madeline" of King's Tavern fame.  We then discussed ways in which this research could be taken advantage of when we do our field investigation later this month. This mountain of research will have to be typed and organized for the files, and we will begin to place it on a third NAPS website that will focus on purely our historical research and findings.  We "borrowed" the idea of a focused website on history from our friends at MSSPI - a paranormal team based in northern Mississippi.  They have an awesome site, focused upon and dedicated to, the historical research and findings that they have uncovered due to their hard work.  We think it's a fantastic idea for Teams to share their research by posting it online, and thus we want to emulate our friends at MSSPI by doing the same.  To go to the MSSPI Research Room, click here.  The masterminds behind it are MSSPI investigators Shelly Beard and Angela Burke.

Mike informed the team of a new request for a private (home) investigation, and went over a summary of the house and client.  The Team decided together that we will investigate the site after Kings Tavern's field investigation (it is not an urgent situation). 

We also discussed Team issues, did some organizational tasks, and talked about organizing our resource library - which is becoming quite extensive.    We had a little training time on photography, then we gathered our equipment and went about a couple of miles over to the Natchez City Cemetery (photo top left at daytime) and divided up into four groups.  Cheryl's daughter Jamie joined us.  (Cheryl and Jamie are headed to The Myrtles on Friday - today - for an overnight.)  We stayed out to just after 10:30pm, taking EMF readings, snapping photos, and conducting multiple EVP sessions.  That was a blast!

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