Wednesday, November 17, 2010

State of Mississippi Protection of Native American Sites

Today I spoke with consultant Jim Barnett on the grounds of The Grand Village of the Natchez Indians, and advised him of locating a likely burial site in Franklin County.  Jim advised me of just what I suspected, that Mississippi is only one of a hand-full of States that strictly prohibit the digging up of any Native American site, burial site or otherwise, without a permit from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History.  For a review of Mississippi law regarding Indian Sites, click on the link below.

N.A.P.S. has advised the site owners accordingly.  More than likely they stated that they will be simply placing more soil on the grave, as it is a low spot now, and honoring it by planting flowers.  I also advised them of the possibility of contacting Tribal Elders that they already have contact with, and talk to them about coming out and honoring the site in their own customary way.

Jim Barnett is Director, Division of Historic Properties, Grand Village of the Natchez Indians, Mississippi Department of Archives and History.  Jim has written extensively on the Natchez Tribe.  The photo at the left is the front cover of one of his books.  For an article about the Natchez Indians that Jim wrote, click here.

I was also able to get some insight as to Native American related information regarding King's Tavern, as we have reported phenomena that includes an apparition of an Indian that is often said to be seen there. 

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