Tuesday, November 23, 2010

King's Tavern Investigation Set for Saturday Night

N.A.P.S. is set for our field investigation into King's Tavern this coming Saturday night at 10:30pm.  There will be around ten of us investigating the site, including consultant Don Estes.  The following photos were taken this past Saturday during our baseline readings/site review and in-depth interview with owner Thom Drinkwater.

Photo at Left: Portrait of a woman purchased by former owner Yvonne Scott in the rear of an Antique Store on Franklin Street in Natchez.  She purchased it due to the fact it matched her idea of what Madeline looked like.  Now, "Madeline" hangs over the fireplace mantel in the main dining area.  This is the fireplace where the alleged bodies were found "in the 1930's."  Extensive research has yet to uncover any historical proof of remains being found, including searching old newspaper archives and Natchez City Cemetery records. 

Photo at Left: King's Tavern Owner Thom Drinkwater discusses the Tavern's architecture, history and phenomena with N.A.P.S. Investigators. 

Photo at Left:  N.A.P.S. Investigator and Lead Historical Researcher Chris Jackson observing the famous "Madeline" portrait.  The left side of the fireplace is the supposed area where the three bodies were found.  Again, there is no historical record of any such thing ever happening.  That doesn't mean it did not happen, it just means that the story is just that - a story.


  1. My mom has that painting of that woman. We've had it in the family since I can remember. I wonder if it truly is a Madeline painting or just some random painting that was sold at large, since we had it too?

  2. Hi Christian,
    The painting is the latter - a random painting that a former owner of the Tavern purchased and put above the fireplace because the female in it looked like she imagined "Madeline" would look, assuming of course that Madeline was a real person, which I do not think she was. Read the article below if you're interested in finding out the truth of King's Tavern:


  3. I visited the place 3 years ago. I took a picture with a cell phone that has no flash. The picture was taken in the door way in the bath room (top floor) completely in the dark. Its hard to describe this picture. Its almost like a 3-D image. I called the place and was excited of this somewhat clear facial image. I took about 15 pictures and my phone had the date and time of each picture. This picture was about the 10th or so. I was excited to explain it wasnt a hoax since the times and dates were all in place. They didnt show much interest. I still have the picture and I dont know what exactly it was. I just dont know.

  4. James, I'd be interested in seeing them. Although we don't make findings on photos sent that way, I'd be very interested and curious to see what you have. If you can/will, send them as separate .jpg files to my personal email address at mchap7777@aol.com Thanks!- Mike