Monday, February 25, 2013

Fernwood, MS Investigation On Schedule - March 23rd

At least 9 NAPS Investigators will converge on this very old, but large and beautiful historic home in Fernwood, MS, on Saturday evening, March 23rd to conduct a full paranormal investigation at the site.

The owner has reported workmen having extremely bizarre and frightening experiences and refusing to come back to the site alone. This includes separate crews of air conditioning/mechanical workers and also a crew of plumbers. One theory we will be looking into is that disturbing and remodeling old homes often upsets spirits who may be present, and has been known to trigger activity. We will be using an impressive array of equipment, including DVRs, static infrared cameras, a FLIR i7 thermal imaging camera, electromagnetic meters of all kinds (such as several MEL meters), advanced audio equipment and EVP software, as well as full-spectrum and deep infrared portable cameras and video camcorders. We also will utilize static pods and the Ovilus X.

Stay tuned for results to be posted later on this blog.