Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update: Welcome Wales, Portugal, Finland, Indonesia, Romania, Serbia, Czech Republic and Saudia Arabia!

Recent visits to our websites in the last couple of days from Finland, Wales, Romania, Indonesia and Portugal, Czech Republic, Serbia and Saudia Arabia raises our total of countries from 42 to 50 in just over six months! With just a few more days to go until April 9, our sixth month anniversary of launching our websites, we are updating our totals as they change. We recently decided to stop and take stock of how far we've come in six months time and as a result, have become aware of how international and widespread our "splash" has been. This is truly exciting and humbling! Our sites are truly beginning to "mature" and we hope to be writing more content in the coming months on theory and approach to paranormal investigating, especially from our unique perspective. Thanks again to our readers for giving us a voice in the conversation, and stay tuned!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Psychic Kid Case in Long Beach, MS

Saturday, five members of our S.O.R. Team traveled to Long Beach, Mississippi to help a twelve year-old girl and her family deal with unexplained phenomena she has experienced since she was three.  I can honestly say that this is one of the most interesting cases I have ever been involved with.  A personal note of thanks to the mother and family of this amazing twelve year-old, for allowing us to come and get involved with what is going on in their lives.  As Maddie's mom and I discussed, we are making a bit of this story public to you in hopes that it may help others who are also experiencing this with one or more of their own children, to have the courage to reach out and get help.  We can help!  As this mom said, "I would like to put on the record that Mike and his team met my family today. I am unable to describe in words what this visit meant to my daughter, husband, brother-in-law, and myself... To you Mike-everyone you had with you was compassionate, warm, and most importantly, comforting to my Maddie. I hope she heeds the advice of your team and learns to see her sensitive abilities as a gift instead of a curse. In my heart, I feel like this was accomplished today. When y'all left, she told me that she does not feel like a crazy (person). She sees her gifts were bestowed upon her from Our Lord Jesus..."

There is much to the story I can't post in a simple forum like this, but I can mention a few things.  Again, we have the complete permission from the parents to present their story to you.  Maddie, from the time she was three years old, has been seeing the spirits of deceased people.  She is also often able to see peoples' auras and read them.  Sometimes she can tell if someone is in pain or hurting.  She says that this (their pain) interferes with their true aura coming through.  Recently, her encounters have gotten more intense and she is seeing two or three spirits regularly, especially the ghost, or spirit, of a little girl.  There also has developed a more ominous side to all of this, in that Maddie is encountering negative spirits in the form of shadow figures.  She has also begun to get scratched and has other paranormal phenomena occurring that points to demonic attraction to her.  

Demons can often be attracted to human spirit activity, like a beacon.  They also could be attracted to Maddie, as they probably have recognized that these human spirits are drawn to her, and they recognize her gift from God in her ability to discern spirits.  I believe that they see her true calling and identity and fear her potential in serving God with this gift.  Our team received a very ominous warning the night before (Friday night) from a powerful demon who appeared to one of our team members and warned him that we should not go to meet this family or get involved in this case.  His wife helped him to get past that attack.  It is the third such warning by demons that we have received before a major case involving demonic spirits.  It is interesting to note that Ed and Lorraine Warren often received similar warnings and attacks before their investigations.  I am humbled that God has chosen me and my fellow team members to come into the life of Maddie and to be both protector/defenders and trainer/developers for her in her gift.  Wow!  We had stopped into a Catholic bookstore on the trip down and bought her a gift, and presented it to her and blessed it.  It was a St. Michael the Archangel pendent.  Maddie had, she believes (and we do too), an encounter with the archangel Michael when she cried out for help one night.  He appeared to her as a bright blue orb and spoke to her in a thick, resonant voice to not be afraid.  We thought the pendant of St. Michael was perfect for her.  We also thought it very unique and special that the two men on our team Saturday that God called upon to go and help her, are both named Michael!

We will be very involved in helping her parents develop Maddie's gift, which we believe is the spiritual gift of discernment of spirits mentioned in the New Testament.  They will provide the love and nurture, and we will provide the parameters, training and mentoring.  Maddie, as well as her parents, are Christians.  We are a Christian paranormal team that believes and depends upon Christ to lead, guide us and give us true insight (discernment).  This child has been examined by medical doctors and psychologists.  She is not schizophrenic.  Her gift is genuine.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thank You for Our Website(s) Success!

Our online presence continues to see remarkable readership and response from visitors all over the world!  April 9, 2011, will mark the six month anniversary of N.A.P.S. launching our multiple website strategy.  We went public with our main website on October 10, 2010.  That site, located at URL, serves as our "anchor" site and exists to meet the needs and answer the questions of potential clients who feel they may need an investigation done in their home or place of business.  Since that time, we have launched 3 more of our other total of 6 eventual/planned sites, so we still have two more remaining to build and launch.  Hopefully, we will be able to launch our Paranormal Education site and a more expanded and detailed Case Files & Evidence site sometime this year.

In 6 months time, combined visits to our sites have now gone well over the 10,500 hit count with visitors from 47 countries worldwide, and 45 of the 50 United States!  Wow!

Our Current Sites:
Main Website: (for Clients & Basic Team Info)
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50 Countries We've Received Visitors From:
United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, India, Zambia, South Africa, Egypt, Lebanon, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Barbados, Bermuda, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Poland, and Turkey! Also, Portugal, Finland, Wales, Indonesia and Romania! Since: Czech Republic (48), Serbia (49), Saudi Arabia (50), Barbados (51), Spain (52), Nigeria (53), Egypt (54), Trinidad & Tobago (55), Peru (56), Denmark (57), Ukraine (58), Greece (59), Taiwan (60), Albania (61), Iran (62), Kuwait (63), Pakistan (64), Slovakia (65) - as of 6/30/2011.

Only 5 U.S. States Not Heard From:
Alaska, Maine, Montana, Delaware, Wyoming  Update 6/30/2011: Only State not heard from: Alaska!

Visitors from Well-Known Global Cities:
Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Kobe, Taipei, Hanoi, Ho Chi Mihn City, Mumbai, Calcutta, Kochi, Palermo, Milan, Paris, Kaiserslautern, Moscow, Glascow, Dublin, Limerick, Birmingham, Derbyshire, London, Reading, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Lima, Saint Michael, Hamilton, Ottowa, Victoria, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Washington, D.C., Natchez and many more! 

Top Paranormal Sites: Top 10 and Top 100
On the website topparanormalsites, N.A.P.S., for many weeks, has consistently ranked in the top 100 of ALL genres of paranormal sites worldwide, including Ghost, UFO and Cryptozoology sites.  In addition, we consistently rank around 8th or 9th of all Paranormal Investigators' sites - so a TOP 10 ranking in our category!

Thank you to all of you who drop in and visit, especially our regular readers!  Please let us know how we can serve you better, and what you would like to hear more about!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Of Determinism, Good & Evil, and Spirit-World Reality

"I believe those miracles and many more will return when we have learned from our mistakes - when we realize that the doubts, the fears, and the insecurities...the envy, the resentment, and the other dark feelings which we humans experience almost everyday and which we take for granted as a normal part of living here on earth, must all be kept under control when we are involved in any form of spiritual work, especially ITC (instrumental transcommunication, such as EVP) research.  It is easy for us to say we are in harmony with others, but our hidden doubts, fears, and insecurities say otherwise.  We have to find those dark feelings inside us and bring them into the light to heal.  After all, we humans are spirit magnets, attracting into our lives spiritual influences that resonate with our attitudes.  If we are in doubt or in fear, we will attract spirits into our lives who stir up our doubts and fears.  If we love and trust the people around us, then we will attract spirits into our lives who will support that love and trust."     - Mark Macy,  author of Miracles in the Storm, and The Project; and is one of the world's top ITC researchers 

I couldn't agree more with Mark.  My take: The world in which we find ourselves, is one of human self-determining freedom.  No Augustinian deterministic fatalism here, the world is far too dynamic than to be set inside of some static, chronological trap that tick-tocks us through the maze, to the edge and off into the abyss.  To be sure, this freedom is set within a struggle of blood, bone and tears, but at the end of the tug-and-be-tugged-at day it is we who determine our own destiny - by our choices, our attitude and our decisions, in spite of the bastards who would "have us their way."  And, the not-so-normal-world flexes and pulses all around us, both influencing and being influenced.  So I ask, which invisible pals do you want to be hanging out with?    - Mike Chapman, Team Leader & Lead Investigator of the Natchez Area Paranormal Society, and a Demonologist; he also holds a Master's in Theology and is an ordained minister. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New NAPS Gear: Experimental Ovilus X and the MEL ATDD

OVILUS X    I have always been rather dubious of the ability of the Ovilus to conduct valid paranormal research, but recently changed my stance a bit.  In the past, I have perhaps been a bit unfair in my (pre)judgement of this device. While I remain a "healthy" skeptic, I have decided to purchase the latest version of the Ovilus - called the Ovilus X.  Why?  Because I truly believe that anything can be manipulated by a spirit to communicate with us.  I also feel that no device should be rejected a priori based merely on the negative pronouncement of others, especially the pseudo-scientists in our field who reject anything that is not, in their minds, solid science.  I'm speaking of those who reject any and all orb evidence as invalid - (which I think is ridiculous - occasionally orbs can be the real deal); reject demons as being real; and reject devices such as this as always being "digital snake oil" which one researcher dubbed the original Ovilus puck. 

If a cell phone, answering machine, or TV can be used by spirits to communicate, then this machine surely can also.  One would have to be extremely closed-minded to deny that.  It doesn't mean that it is a great piece of equipment, but does mean I'm willing to give it a shot and test it for myself.  I think that is the approach all of us should have.  If it's a piece of junk, then I have an expensive paper weight.  If it works, I have another tool in my tool belt to help me - help others.  I have decided to purchase the latest version, the Ovilus X, and use it experimentally to attempt to understand what may be present in a home or on a site.  I understand very well that it has a limited vocabulary, and that it can give you any answer.  However, I think that prolonged intelligent answers that fit the context of the haunting and the question being asked - in my book, would be valid. If the Ovilus gives me an "answer" that fits my question, I understand the odds are 1 in 2,048 (the number of words in its digitized vocabulary) of giving me that answer.  However, if I ask repeated questions - such as two or three or four - and get more answers that fit the context, the odds do not merely double or triple - they go up exponentially into the millions!  Those are odds any reasonable investigator, including my Sheriff's Department fellow-Deputies, would surely take.  I've never met Mr. Chappell or spoken to him, but I'm certainly open to discussing his device with him.  I look forward to receiving the Ovilus X and putting it through some field testing in actual investigations. 

The latest version of the Ovilus, made by Bill Chappell and Digital Dowsing, is the Ovilus X.  The Ovilus X is a Talking ITC device designed for experimental use.  It features an upgraded processor that is faster; an increase in memory to 512 bits; a 2,048 word vocabulary, upgradable firmware; a white noise generator; a low power EM pump with programmable rates; light and sound sync for external cameras; improved proximity detection, and a recessed power switch to prevent accidental power on.  This latest version is not even out yet, but is available for presale and will be shipped in May.  Only a limited number are being built, since they are all made by hand by Chappell and not mass produced.  I have recently been impressed by its use on Ghost Adventures.  In my opinion, they are using it correctly on the show by carefully analyzing returns of the Ovilus that fit the context of the question and in repeated intelligent answers that fit the questions being asked.

MEL ATDD    Another piece of equipment I've ordered that is brand new is the MEL ATDD.  It is so new I could not find a photo of it to use, so the photo to the left is of a standard MEL 8704.  The new MEL ATDD has a row of LEDs across the top front and an additional LED on the very top next to the thermo-coupler (K meter), as well as additional switches.  All of this can be seen on the YouTube video at the bottom of this post.  In addition to its normal features, this MEL Meter has an automatic temperature deviation device, which gives light and tone signals when there is a temperature change in the atmosphere.  This meter has all the normal features of the MEL8704 including the EMF Meter, temperature probe, flashlight and the other standard features. As stated, this model has a new, additional feature. This new feature detects subtle ambient temperature changes in the environment, and converts the hot or cold change into an audible and visual alarm. Each degree change produces a unique tone. There is a one octave step for each degree change which allows the user to quickly differentiate any temperature change even without looking at the display. Blue LED's are used for a temperature decrease, while red LED's are used to show any temperature increase that occurs.

To see Gary Galka's demonstration of this amazing piece of equipment, click here:

The Natchez Area Paranormal Society is constantly upgrading our gear, including experimental devices on the cutting edge of research, in order to field test and validate the equipment and add to our impressive array of equipment so that we can conduct the finest possible paranormal investigations for our clients. 

UPDATE: 4/7/2011
I have received the MEL ATDD, which joins my MEL 8704R and 8704 Vibe, and have begun putting it through some tests and checking it out.  I can already say that this MEL is absolutely awesome, and I can't wait to put it to use in the field!  This is already my favorite, and when used in the proper setting and placement, is going to yield great results.

UPDATE: 7/1/2011
OVILUS X  To read about startling initial field-test results - click here.

UPDATE: 9/12/2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MEL-8704 EMF Meter: The Rest of the Story

I have stated before that DAS Distributing is by far my favorite manufacturer of Paranormal Equipment - and for many reasons.  One of course, is the fact that the equipment is not merely "adapted" for use from its original intent and design for the paranormal field.  DAS makes equipment designed from the very beginning to serve us paranormal investigators.  DAS Distributing is run by Gary Galka, who is the inventor of the equipment.  I own every piece of equipment they make (and Gary invents) - including the RT-EVP real time recorder, the P-SB7 spirit box, several static E-Pods, and two MEL-8704 meters, including one that is a Vibe meter.  It is very high quality equipment, and is effective.  But, there is another more human reason I love the equipment and the company.

It is common for us, on ghost hunts, to ask, "Who's got the Mel meters?"  We toss that name around without knowing how the equipment got its name.  I am referring to the Mel 8704 EMF meter that, in my opinion, is the best one made.  Well, here's the "rest of the story":

Gary Galka's daughter was named Melissa.  He had always called her "Mel" for short since the time she was very young.  I can relate to this, because I call my own daughter Ana when her full name is Anastasia.  Several years ago Melissa, or "Mel," was on her way home one evening around midnight.  For some unknown reason, she swerved off of the road and struck a tree.  She sustained horrible injuries that night, which occurred on September 24, 2004.  Mel was born in 1987. She was on life-support until September 28th, before her family made the decision to stop the life support, and she passed away. It was not long afterward that Gary’s new found interest in the paranormal field began.  The MEL 8704, one of Gary's inventions that came out of that, was named for Mel, with the 87 being from the year of her birth, and the 04 from the year she passed away. 
“Most of the proceeds from the product (Mel 8704) go to charities such as Compassionate Friends and other known charity organizations.”     - Gary Galka
The following details about Mel's death are directly from a telephone interview with Vince Wilson: “From the moment my wife and I and two daughters got home,” Gary explained, “Mel began to let us know that she was still around.” Gary explained how Mel began playing around with electronics in the house. The TV, radio and lights would come on and turn off and switch channels by themselves. “We could smell her perfume,” he added, “Over a period of time we could feel her hugs and kisses.” These experiences didn’t just happen to him either. His wife Cindy, and daughters Heather and Jennifer also had these wonderful After Death Communications (ADC’s) as well. They all believe that Mel reached out to them in order to help them heal and move forward with their lives. Within six months of her passing, Gary and his wife began to reach out and help other bereaved parents in their homes and through the formation of grief counseling groups. He began researching the paranormal and related topics to better understand what was going on in this field. After reading several books, and watching a few of the paranormal shows on television it became apparent that most paranormal enthusiasts had to resort to using mainstream gadgets and devices that were typically intended for a totally different purpose. Many were modified or adapted to suit the application of paranormal research. Gary, with over 30 years of test and measurement experience sat down and began to design the Mel-Meter. Not only to help give the paranormal community a push forward, but the biggest accomplishment, as Gary explained with pride is that, “Most of the proceeds from the Mel product series goes directly to grief support charities such as Compassionate Friends and other known charity organizations”.

So now, you too know the rest of the story and much more about the Mel Meter than you probably did before.  Makes you want to go out and get another one doesn't it?

More Meadvilla Clearing

Photo at Left: This is a view looking toward the Meadvilla Cemetery at the base of the ridge point. Note the pre-cleared path, indicated by the arrow. Once the path is fully cleared (which it was after this photo was taken) and the cemetery itself is cleared, one should be able to see the obelisk from this vantage point. The entire area was extremely over-grown. That is quickly changing however.

After another round of working on the path to the Meadvilla Cemetery, I am proud to declare it is now cleared all the way to the cemetery itself! Victory! There is a bit of widening and weed-eating that needs to be done in some areas, and more lopping of overhang along the way, but the path is very clear all the way back to the cemetery. Actually in fact, in the cemetery I was also able to clear a small path to and around the obelisk itself.

So, B.L.C. Wailes' grave has been cleared for the first time in probably many decades. I am happy to be able to have done it, all in honor of the man and the others buried there. It is a quiet, peaceful place for the most part (one can occasionally hear some sounds from the houses along Old Courthouse Road). Hopefully, we can pull-off a team work day soon to clear the cemetery itself. If not, I will work on it a bit at a time.  I am determined to see this through to the end!  It would be very nice to have a four-wheeler to haul the tools back there, as it is now quite a trek hauling a wheelbarrow full of tools. I can say for certain that the hardest part is done, as the last 75 yards clearing the path through "the S curve" was very tough going.  Now comes the "fun" part, clearing the cemetery and marking the grave sites.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Progress on Meadvilla Cemetery Preservation!

At Left: "BEFORE" Photo of one small pre-cleared section of the path where I've gone through with a chain saw initially and hacked out a path through the dense undergrowth.  Notice the pink flagging that keeps me on track back to the cemetery.  Even this pre-path is a huge improvement over the dense overgrowth and briars!  It took us three days of searching to even find the cemetery, and only with the help of the owners!

I made steady progress on clearing the path back to the cemetery at Meadvilla today (Sunday, March 14).  On the left I've posted before and after photos of what the initial pre-cleared path looked like and then the path completed after the final clearing using loppers, weedeater and blower. 

Photo at Left: "AFTER"  Much nicer, eh?!  I am purposefully making the path wide enough so that a 52" zero turn mower can run down through here and keep the path and cemetery mowed so that it doesn't return to this overgrown state.

Just look off in either direction and you can see what I'm having to clear a path through in order to get back to the cemetery, all of which is completely overgrown - like a jungle.  It is sad and difficult to believe that B.L.C. Wailes is buried back here and nobody seems to care.  He was easily one of the most important and talented figures in early Mississippi history!  Here is what John D. W. Guice wrote about him: Benjamin Leonard Covington Wailes – usually known as B. L. C. Wailes – personifies the Old Natchez District, one of the most historic regions of Mississippi. No other Mississippian who lived during the half century between the creation of the state in 1817 and the beginning of the American Civil War better demonstrates the economic, intellectual, and social life of the Natchez District. 

I now have cleared a path from the back lawn of Meadvilla itself back to the ridge point where the cemetery lays.  It is on the point of a ridge that forms a triangle with bayous and creeks on both sides, like an arrow.  The path is now cleared several hundred yards back to the base of that triangle.  I estimate another 75 yards of tough going and I'll be at the beginning of the cemetery itself!  Once we clear the cemetery, we can dowse for graves, mark them, GPS them, do research on the people buried there and put up signage and posts.  We will then turn all our information and records over to the Natchez Historic Society for them to archive.

Old Adams County Jail Investigation

N.A.P.S. conducted an official investigation into the Old Adams County Jail located on State Street downtown on Friday night, March 11, 2011, starting at 9:00pm.  From the very beginning, even while unloading equipment, our investigators began to experience paranormal activity.

Photo at Left:  We were using a FLIR Thermal Camera to direct Case Manager & Dowser Kim Frith into the exact spot where this entity was standing.  When she would reach that exact area, the copper rods would both suddenly move outward very strongly and quickly.  He kept moving, and we kept following it.  This went on for a half-hour, and in different spots when she reached where the entity was the rods would jump.  We also discovered that this ghost very clearly did not like white males.  (Most, if not all, of the prisoners executed in this jail were black men.)  In this small photo, it is very difficult to see, but a close up of the original photo clearly shows in the head area you can see a face looking directly at Kim.

This was one of the most active nights we have ever had on an investigation, with touches, pushes, EVP, smells, FLIR camera activity and lots of sensations.  We also were able, at one point, to get it to light up the K2 meter on demand.  We are still reviewing video camera evidence.  The investigators present were: Mike C, Kim F, Michael D, Kimberly D, Benjie S. and Adam C.

To hear an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) of a voice saying, "I am cold" click on this link, and then scroll down to the NEW audio file from 3/11/2011.  It was recorded using a state of the art RT-EVP device:

Monday, March 7, 2011

N.A.P.S. & The Natchez Historical Society

On Monday, March 7, 2011, N.A.P.S. founder and team leader Mike Chapman met with Mimi Miller of the Natchez Historical Society in order to strengthen the ties between the two organizations.  Mike is a member of both the Natchez Historic Society and the Historic Natchez Foundation that Mimi and her husband Ron head up.  N.A.P.S. has now arranged with the Natchez Historic Society to archive its research with the foundation, thus insuring that our research and information will be available to the public in the future.  "This is very important because it gives permanency to the valid and significant research that we do.  I hope it provides incentive for our investigators to do top quality research and reporting into the sites we plan to investigate, and establish us as a great source of information and history regarding Natchez and Adams County," said Mike.  "I want us to be respected and known as a group that does very serious historical research and contributes quality reports and information in that service."

Mike and Mimi also discussed the importance of Meadvilla in the history of Natchez and Mimi revealed that B.L.C. Wailes is her favorite Natchez historical figure.  Mike advised her that N.A.P.S. is currently working to restore the cemetery at Meadvilla by clearing the cemetery of the overgrowth and making a wide path that can be maintained by mowers, back to the cemetery site.  N.A.P.S. will also be researching, to the extent we can, all of the people reportedly buried there.  Mike verified with Mimi the people on the list that are buried on the grounds, and the lists matched.  Mike asked Mimi to provide suggestions as to what cemetery to restore next, and Mimi was delighted to suggest the overgrown cemetery at Elgin Plantation.

Other discussions centered on the Old County Jail and access to the files there, as well as King's Tavern's architecture, construction, and history.  Mike said, "We look forward to continuing to work closely with Mimi and the Natchez Historical Society with the common goal of preserving and archiving the rich history of our area."

Old Jail Investigation & Meadvilla Work Day

Old Adams County Jail
Our investigation at the Old Adams County Jail is set for 9pm Friday, March 11th.  We've gotten good evidence there before.  The old jail was completed in 1891, and several dozen prisoners were executed there.  This is a very active site.  We are currently researching the site heavily, and are checking County Records to compile a list of executed prisoners.  All investigators are welcome!  Please let Mike know (email, text, or call) if you are planning on being there!

Investigators So Far Who've Signed-On & Cleared (dues paid up):
as of March 9th
Mike C.
Kim F.
Michael D.
Kimberly D.
Denise F.
Benjie S.
Cheryl F.

Cemetery Preservation
On Saturday, March 12th, starting around 10:00AM, plan to work on the cemetery clearing at Meadvilla in Washington.  We need to finish the trail clearing back to the cemetery and begin work clearing the cemetery itself.  Bring long-handled loppers, rakes, weed eaters, blowers, axes, your gloves and eye protection, and another chain saw would be great.  All hands and strong backs needed!  If you don't have tools - come anyway - we have enough to go around! 

Friday, March 4, 2011

NAPS Team Update

Research Assignments - Public Cases we have started historical research on:

Glenburnie: The Goat Castle Murder [Mike]
The Myrtles Plantation: [Cheryl] - basically complete
The Eola Hotel: [Chris]
The Old Adams County Jail [Benjie] 
Longwood: [LS]
Dunleith: [Kimberly]
Magnolia Hall: unassigned
Linden: unassigned
The Towers: unassigned
Please call or email Mike or Kim if you are willing to do the research on the unassigned locations!

Old Adams County Jail:
Investigation set for 9pm Friday, March 11th.  We've gotten good evidence there before.  The old jail was completed in 1891, and several dozen prisoners were executed there.  Very active site.  All investigators are welcome!  Please let Mike know if you are planning on being there!

Old Church in Anna's Bottom:
We are working to secure a date to investigate an old church were full-bodied apparitions have been seen as well as doors opening right in front of people with no rational, physical explanation.  Anna's Bottom is bottomland right on the river just north of The Devil's Punchbowl.  I've had numerous people tell me that Anna's Bottom has a lot of paranormal activity there.  Stay tuned!