Monday, September 12, 2011

MEL REM ATDD & Ovilus X Digital Text Display Among Latest Equipment Additions to N.A.P.S.

Team Leader Mike Chapman of the Natchez Area Paranormal Society is strongly committed to keeping the Team in the latest cutting edge technology and equipment. The latest additions to the team's equipment arsenal is the MEL REM ATDD emf meter and the OVILUS X Digital Text Display. A second RT-EVP device was also ordered. Mike explained, "I am very committed to advancing our ability to conduct investigations and improving our abilities and skills on all levels. I always have my eye out for the latest technology and look for pieces of technical, scientific equipment that I think will enhance our ability. In that regard I work closely with our Tech Specialist Michael DeLorenze and Case Manager Kim Frith."

The Team is also improving their evidence review and evidence reveal processes as well as data storage. As many paranormal team members know, there are always areas where a team is strong and then there are areas that could use improvement. "This last year has been an extremely successful one for NAPS, and the team is very excited about the coming new fiscal year, which for us begins October 1st. We are looking to expand into video production for our own youtube channel which would feature evidence, education, and equipment training as well as using certain aspects of it for marketing. We want people to know we exist, and we could use video at shows and lectures where we set up a booth to educate the public on what we do. We are also working with a video producer to film some of our investigations, and getting some of that on local TV. Our goal in that is to educate people about real paranormal investigation, and to let people know we are here to help."

"As for the latest equipment orders, I am particularly looking forward to these new tools arriving because we have such an awesome inventory of equipment already that any new pieces we add are like icing on the cake. The REM Mel meter will be our fourth MEL meter, and the REM feature (which stands for resonating Electro-Magnetic field) is going to be really cool. I was speaking with Gary Galka, the inventor of the MEL Meter and CEO of DAS Distributing, by email and he was explaining that the antenna on this new MEL meter extends and when switched on, it emits an EM field that if disturbed in any way, sets off a row of LED's. The proximity and strength of the disturbance signals which LED will light up. This works additionally and supplementally with the sensor coil inside the MEL meter which picks up AC/DC EMF fields. They provide separate functions. This MEL meter also has ATDD (Automatic Temperature Deviation Device) on board, which detects hot and cold spots."

DAS Distributing manufactures the RT-EVP which is one of the the team's most effective devices for picking up EVP. The team is adding a second of these high-tech recorders that allows for recording and listening to EVP in real time. It also makes the static "e" pod, which the team also has an array of, as well as the P-SB7 "spirit box" that is a first class piece of equipment. The Team has one of these as well. Mike added, "Gary's company easily makes some of the best paranormal equipment in the field, and we own everything they produce. I'd like to interview Gary soon once Shelly (Shelly Beard of M.S.S.P.I.) and I get our radio show going. I'd love to hear him talk about DAS's future plans and the new equipment they have coming down the pipe."

We are also receiving a DTD (digital text display), which is a piece of hardware that plugs into our Ovilus X and will give us a visual text readout of whatever the Ovilus X "speaks." This visual aid will help tremendously when in Dictionary mode because sometimes the digitized voice is not easy to understand. "We are also awaiting a software update to download via the Internet directly from Bill Chapell and Digital Dowsing, the maker of these devices, which will allow us to download from the Ovilus to a computer, the entire evening's spoken (and text displayed) vocabulary by the Ovilus X. We can then print out what was said and literally have a log of what the Ovilus has revealed. That will also be a huge help - no more walking around with a note pad recording what the Ovilus is saying. One of the many neat features of the Ovilus X is this ability to update it by downloads that the manufacturer provides as he updates the software. We have already received some updates from Bill and plugged it into our Ovilus X. In fact, both Bill Chappell at Digital Dowsing and Gary Galka at DAS Distribution make devices that are upgradable by downloads from the Internet. That way, investigators in the field that purchase this high-quality equipment can keep up with advances in the device's software as they come out. That's awesome. These guys are just the kind of cutting-edge inventors and innovators of paranormal equipment that we want to be associated with, and we have ongoing email relationships with both Bill and Gary. Besides being a client of theirs, it's a symbiotic relationship that's a lot of fun. We learn how the equipment works and how to use it more proficiently, and they get feedback and evidence samples from us of how it's working in the field."

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