Saturday, October 20, 2012

EVENTS for NAPS Team Members

We have two upcoming events, so please check them out and get back with me or Kim on if you plan on being there. Please let us know by 5PM Wednesday, Oct 25. Thanks!

October 31 Halloween Team Dinner and Outing at The Myrtles [Wednesday] We will travel to the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville for supper in the restaurant at 7pm, then wander about on the grounds afterward doing our thing. We have reservations for 9 people at the table - that was their limit. If you'd like to bring guests, we suggest you call yourself to the restaurant and get reservations for your party separately. We have no choice in that, because they limited our reservation to nine people. You don't have to go to supper there, and you can join-in on the investigation outing afterward. Just please let us know what your plans are. If we don't hear from you, we are assuming you are not coming. There will be a lot of people on the grounds because they have a lot of ghost tours during that time. It should be fun. 

November 2-3 Eola Hotel Ghost Hunt with Vicksburg Team [Friday and Saturday] We need help with this event, in which ordinary folks will be coming out to learn and experience a paranormal investigation. It's your opportunity to show others what we do, and also to participate in investigating the Eola Hotel. You do need to understand if you come that you will have some duties, such as taking some people with you and answering their questions and showing them how to do it properly. However, this can be very rewarding and a fun experience. The Eola Hotel is a surprisingly active place!!! I know a couple of you are fairly new to this, so we won't throw you to the wolves! Let us know if you can come both nights, or one of the two. Please let us know by Wednesday as well, if you can! Thanks. Below is a link to this event:

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Symbology Lesson: The Eye of Providence


I was sent this photo by a woman who recently visited Natchez with her husband and snapped this photo at the Natchez City Cemetery. She asked about this wrought-iron symbol and what it might be.

The symbol you see depicted in the photo is the "all-seeing-eye." It has many variants in antiquity, including the Eye of Horus/Eye of Ra of the Egyptians. What is pictured here however, is the Masonic Eye of Providence, with the rays of the sun emanating from it. Masonry has other variants of this same theme. Obviously, the person who is buried in this plot was a Mason. 

[Additional Note: Symbology, as a category of study, is extremely interesting. It is one of sixteen categories I study regularly in my own personal regimen of studies. I recommend it highly, both to learn about various symbols and to consider the philosophy/meaning of symbols, and why humans use/need them!]

Friday, October 5, 2012

Proper Equipment: Infrared Temperature Devices

Just a helpful "consumer" warning: 

If you see a paranormal team using a device similar to what is pictured, and you ask them what they are doing and they say, "Measuring the temperature" - then you need to realize they probably don't know what they're doing! 

I'm seeing some teams using this device - it does NOT measure ambient air temperature, it measures the SURFACE TEMPERATURE of whatever it is the infrared laser dot happens to be on. It looks cool but is useless. Ghost hunters need to use ambient air temperature devices, not surface temp ones. We have one of these in case for some ODD reason we need to measure surface temp, but we know what it is for. We have a dozen ambient air temp devices. Apparently many teams haven't a clue...which says a lot about their skill and ability as a serious paranormal investigatory team. 

So many people watch TV shows and think it'd be "cool" to go out and do this...that have no business in the field, at least without the humility of asking a mentor to help them...sigh...

[Yes, I'm saying if you are a team leader and you feel you'd like to be able to contact me and ask questions that would make your team a better team, then yes, I'm available. I'm all for training people that are trying to legitimately help others. Just be ready for me to ask you some questions about your motives and sincerity - or to get you to think about something you need to think about. But I am willing to help you get better.]

Thursday, October 4, 2012

ADC's: Crossing the Veil

Many good people hold to the belief that once you die physically, you go to “heaven” (or to hell if you are damned) and that it is impossible to cross-over the divide or through the “veil” and make contact with the humans still living on Earth.

I personally do not hold that belief.

One of the ways I refute this, is what is known as ADC – After Death Communication. Many people, even of the above category, will also say that they personally have experienced a close friend, a parent, a sibling, a cousin, an Aunt or Uncle, or a grandparent who has died (but is still very much alive and well!) and “made contact” with them to let them know that they are okay, and that they are at peace…or they know someone who has had this experience. That, of course, is a crossing-over!

Do you know someone who’s had an ADC?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Strong Christian Themes in Harry Potter

A word about Harry Potter: I am currently engaged in a very rewarding and fascinating study of Christian themes in classic English literature. This includes rereading, studying, and watching where available, all of JRR Tolkien's works (such as the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, and the Simarillian); CS Lewis's Tales of Narnia; George MacDonald's Phantases, the Tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and yes...JK Rowling's Harry Potter series of 7 books, as well as all 8 movies. These are ALL chock full of Christian themes that both adults and children of all ages can uses to discuss extremely complex Christian themes - or simple ones. If you doubt that Harry Potter doesn't belong with the others, I'd invite you in the strongest possible terms, to reconsider... because you could not be more wrong! (I'd love to teach a series on Harry Potter and the themes and strong Christian message. They directly refute the worldview of Wiccans and pagans, as well as atheists and materialists.)

Just three references (among many) to read in this regard are: Looking For God in Harry Potter, by John Granger; The Lord of the Hallows, by Denise Roper; and The Gospel According to Harry Potter, by Connie Neal. Please disregard the shreiking by those few hugely mistaken Christians who claim that Harry Potter is "of the devil." My own deep study into the movies and exploring the philosophy and worldview behind the themes and characters is deeping my own understanding of the cosmos, and my relationship with the true and living God. At the same time, I am reading through and studying the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and I am struck by the truths that Potterlore is affirming. This all is for your own consideration, especially those of you with children who love the books and have excellent resources in all of these works, including Harry Potter, to teach from about the positives of Christianity, and the dangers of the occult. Happy reading, and watching. By the way, The Hobbit, the first of three movies, is due out this December!