Monday, October 1, 2012

Strong Christian Themes in Harry Potter

A word about Harry Potter: I am currently engaged in a very rewarding and fascinating study of Christian themes in classic English literature. This includes rereading, studying, and watching where available, all of JRR Tolkien's works (such as the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, and the Simarillian); CS Lewis's Tales of Narnia; George MacDonald's Phantases, the Tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and yes...JK Rowling's Harry Potter series of 7 books, as well as all 8 movies. These are ALL chock full of Christian themes that both adults and children of all ages can uses to discuss extremely complex Christian themes - or simple ones. If you doubt that Harry Potter doesn't belong with the others, I'd invite you in the strongest possible terms, to reconsider... because you could not be more wrong! (I'd love to teach a series on Harry Potter and the themes and strong Christian message. They directly refute the worldview of Wiccans and pagans, as well as atheists and materialists.)

Just three references (among many) to read in this regard are: Looking For God in Harry Potter, by John Granger; The Lord of the Hallows, by Denise Roper; and The Gospel According to Harry Potter, by Connie Neal. Please disregard the shreiking by those few hugely mistaken Christians who claim that Harry Potter is "of the devil." My own deep study into the movies and exploring the philosophy and worldview behind the themes and characters is deeping my own understanding of the cosmos, and my relationship with the true and living God. At the same time, I am reading through and studying the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and I am struck by the truths that Potterlore is affirming. This all is for your own consideration, especially those of you with children who love the books and have excellent resources in all of these works, including Harry Potter, to teach from about the positives of Christianity, and the dangers of the occult. Happy reading, and watching. By the way, The Hobbit, the first of three movies, is due out this December!

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