Thursday, December 31, 2015

We're Back ??? !!!

Seven members of the old NAPS team were able to gather for a reunion Wednesday night, December 30, 2015, and also take part in an investigation on a site we had never investigated before: Windsor Ruins.

I (Mike Chapman) had recently received two credible reports of apparitions from people I trust (separate, private individuals who are non-investigators), and one report that I rejected due to the lack of credibility on the part of a paranormal team that I do not respect as to their evidence collecting and methodology.

In the process of the evening, it was evident that many of our old members (several who could not be present tonight due to work, sickness and other commitments) wanted to resume some semblance of the team OR at least recover much of the website presence and online evidence demonstrations that we once had. So ... I have spent a few minutes tonight reactivating many of the old online sites we ran, including three separate blogs, our old Youtube channel, and our old Facebook page - all of which were taken offline when we went dormant. I am also working to reestablish the two Main websites: and

Those last two may be unrecoverable and the data lost, but the hosting service they were on regularly has continued to "pester" me to reactivate them - so the data may still be recoverable. There were some neat EVP and photo evidence listed there, as well as a ton of helpful information for individuals and client families who want and need help. I do still have ALL of the hard files and many photos.

Enjoy pressing through some of these old posts, but just be aware that some of the links may be dead.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year as we head into 2016!

- Mike Chapman