Wednesday, November 13, 2013

N.A.P.S. Now Has YouTube Channel!

Hello everyone!

We have created a YouTube Channel and are beginning to put videos up. We are starting with three interesting ones - and are putting some effort into making them nice-quality videos that not only have something educational to offer - or have compelling evidence on them - but are also enjoyable and well produced. 

We encourage everyone to follow the link below and please - "Subscribe" to the Channel. It would help us also - if you enjoy a particular video, to click on the small "Thumbs Up" icon - which is located under the number of views the video has. Also, please leave comments. Thank you!

Here is a link to our YouTube Channel:

This is only the beginning, and Videos will be posted regularly!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Latest of our Proximity Equipment: The S.E.M.

Digital Dowsing (Bill Chappell) designs and builds several pieces of paranormal investigating equipment that we use. The latest of his design that we have acquired is a device called the Simple Energy Meter, or S.E.M. for short. The idea behind the SEM (other than to put dollars in Bill's pocket) is for the disembodied spirit to interact with the meter by coming close to it, which will "detect" its presence and set it off - due, in theory, to the spirit's manifestation throwing off certain types of energy which can (hopefully) be detected. This comes very close to Instrumental Trans-Communication (I.T.C.) because usually we will ask if there is a spirit present for it to come close to the device and interact with it so we can know it is there. It technically is not ITC because there is no voice, text or image present.

This particular form of interaction is what I call "proximity detection." If the spirit comes close to the device - hopefully it will set it off and alert you to the fact that something may be there. This is when photos of all kinds should be taken - such as those in the visible light spectrum (a normal camera, either film or digital) - as well as IR and Ultraviolet. If one is available, a thermal cam should be employed as well, and of course EMF measurements should be taken, audio, and so forth.

As far as what types of energy the SEM can detect - Digital Dowsing advertises that it will measure not only EMF fluctuations, but fluctuations or disturbances in the static field, as well as ionization. Hmmm. A tall order for a device that sells for only $79. One should turn the device on, move well away from it, and then allow it to adjust to its surroundings (let it establish its baseline). Then, if there is a disturbance or fluctuation from that baseline - it will set off the device in three ascending tones, depending on the strength and degree of the fluctuation.

Again, an alert does not mean spirit activity is happening, but does mean a change has occurred in the EMF/Ion/Static environment around the device; and so, other devices should be immediately employed to see if cross-substantiated evidence can be captured. (Example: it would be highly advisable to conduct an EVP session at that point.) You should also test the device by keying your two-way radios around it, as well as playing with cell phones - just to see how the SEM reacts around such devices.

I used our SEM for the first time on an investigation last week - without any results. That's fine - nothing else happened with any of the rest of our equipment either. Using equipment and seeing if it is effective or if it can be useful takes many months of consistent, diligent work. Spirits don't act on demand - they are intelligences and have wills and minds of their own.

So, this gives you an idea of how to use the SEM and similar types of interaction and proximity devices within the overall context of investigating, and using your equipment in a combined effort to capture solid phenomena. We look forward to using our SEM on more investigations and seeing if it can indicate genuine paranormal activity.

Prayers for the Philippines

by Michael Chapman

I am asking that you remember the great people of the Philippines in prayer - as they are recovering from the devastating typhoon that just hit them. This was one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded, and the death toll continues to rise. Many are mourning the loss of loved ones, or those still missing.

We have a great number of friends from the Philippines who visit this site, and we want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you! You are strong and courageous, and with God's help - you will get through this - though your loss has been terrible.

To those other visitors from around the world, Catholic Relief Services has, of course, already mobilized and is requesting (and receiving!) donations for the relief efforts. Catholic Relief Services is an outstanding organization that is highly reputable, with one of the highest percentages among relief organizations of your donations going directly to aid the victims. Please go to their site and donate generously to the typhoon recovery effort in the Philippines. God bless you!

The Link to Catholic Relief Services:

Friday, November 8, 2013

K2 Meter



Easily one of the most recognizable of all the equipment used by paranormal investigators and “ghost hunters” is the K2 Meter. I’m sure many of you have seen it on ghost hunting television shows. This meter is advertised to read electro-magnetic fields in the range of 50 to 20,000 Hz. 

[For those of you who are not aware – the theory among veteran investigators is that when a spirit manifests – whether that manifestation is a visual apparition, a voice or noise, a smell, or a touch – that in the process it will throw off electro-magnetic energy – known as an electro-magnetic field – or “EMF.” This theory dove-tails with a sister theory that a spirit USES energy as well in order to manifest in the first place – and one of the energies it can draw upon is electro-magnetic energy. Hence one of the pieces of equipment available is an “EMF Pump” which creates a high EMF field around the “pump” device thereby providing the spirit with ample energy if it wants to use it…so the idea goes. But, that last device is for another post. By the way, the spirit can also draw upon the energy of the batteries in our equipment, or it may draw upon the energy in our bodies – as other examples. I’ve experienced both of those quite often actually.]

The problem with the K2 meter (also sometimes designated as “KII”) is that the range that it measures is narrow, and measures within the range of common household appliances. It is also very easily set off by cell phones and two-way radios that investigators often use on investigations, because it is unshielded. Furthermore, it is a single-axis meter – meaning it only measures in one direction – as opposed to a tri-axis meter such as the Trifield Natural Meter – a FAR more appropriate and accurate device for paranormal investigating.

The Bottom Line: The K2 meter is a crude device that may tell you if you have too much EMF throw-off from your appliances in your home – but not much else. They used to sell for next to nothing ($25 bucks or so), but have shot up to $60 due to their demand by wanna-be ghost hunters – not because the technology is special. We use the K2 meter actually as an interactive device – NOT to measure EMF - to see if a spirit is in a location and will interact with us by lighting up the LEDs on command (or make them stop lighting up). 

Veteran paranormal equipment and technology specialist David Roundtree, whom I greatly respect, has said of the K2 meter, “This has to be the sorriest excuse for an EMF meter I have analyzed to date.” We use several versions of the MEL 8704 EMF meter on investigations, the Trifield Meter (for AC current), and the Trifield Natural EMF Meter for measuring magnetic fields, electric fields, and electro-magnetic fields. This last meter, used properly, is by far the best meter for capturing evidence that a genuine paranormal EMF disturbance is occurring. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Scott Blair of (Cincinnati, Ohio) recently interviewed me regarding my work as a demonologist, how our team (NAPS) helps individuals and families that are undergoing extraordinary demonic attack, and what the Church must do in order to better face these realities.

His international podcast of that interview went live last evening (11/02/2013) - and I must say it was the most thorough interview I've had in a while. Scott asked many hard-hitting and probing questions that included a dialogue about how the Church has sometimes failed in our mission to be the "sanctuary" for those afflicted by such issues. It seemed as if we talked for only fifteen minutes, but the podcast is well over an hour in length.

On top of that - we didn't get all of it covered!

Thus, we are planning to get together again for another round - an additional podcast - to get into issues and questions surrounding angels, demons, specifically how they attack us and how we can minister to people that claim to have such issues. Know this: Scott has a strong and caring pastor's heart for "grappling" with the tough, yet relevant issues that many pastors are not willing to face themselves, much less open up to their people about. I believe this is WHY the Church is losing our young people - and many older ones...because too often the Church runs away from the tough calls and the difficult issues. Not Scott! I thank God for him and for - for their ministry and for all those hundreds and thousands of people Scott and his folks are impacting for the Gospel of our Lord around the world. 


THE LINK to the Podcast -