Saturday, November 9, 2013

Latest of our Proximity Equipment: The S.E.M.

Digital Dowsing (Bill Chappell) designs and builds several pieces of paranormal investigating equipment that we use. The latest of his design that we have acquired is a device called the Simple Energy Meter, or S.E.M. for short. The idea behind the SEM (other than to put dollars in Bill's pocket) is for the disembodied spirit to interact with the meter by coming close to it, which will "detect" its presence and set it off - due, in theory, to the spirit's manifestation throwing off certain types of energy which can (hopefully) be detected. This comes very close to Instrumental Trans-Communication (I.T.C.) because usually we will ask if there is a spirit present for it to come close to the device and interact with it so we can know it is there. It technically is not ITC because there is no voice, text or image present.

This particular form of interaction is what I call "proximity detection." If the spirit comes close to the device - hopefully it will set it off and alert you to the fact that something may be there. This is when photos of all kinds should be taken - such as those in the visible light spectrum (a normal camera, either film or digital) - as well as IR and Ultraviolet. If one is available, a thermal cam should be employed as well, and of course EMF measurements should be taken, audio, and so forth.

As far as what types of energy the SEM can detect - Digital Dowsing advertises that it will measure not only EMF fluctuations, but fluctuations or disturbances in the static field, as well as ionization. Hmmm. A tall order for a device that sells for only $79. One should turn the device on, move well away from it, and then allow it to adjust to its surroundings (let it establish its baseline). Then, if there is a disturbance or fluctuation from that baseline - it will set off the device in three ascending tones, depending on the strength and degree of the fluctuation.

Again, an alert does not mean spirit activity is happening, but does mean a change has occurred in the EMF/Ion/Static environment around the device; and so, other devices should be immediately employed to see if cross-substantiated evidence can be captured. (Example: it would be highly advisable to conduct an EVP session at that point.) You should also test the device by keying your two-way radios around it, as well as playing with cell phones - just to see how the SEM reacts around such devices.

I used our SEM for the first time on an investigation last week - without any results. That's fine - nothing else happened with any of the rest of our equipment either. Using equipment and seeing if it is effective or if it can be useful takes many months of consistent, diligent work. Spirits don't act on demand - they are intelligences and have wills and minds of their own.

So, this gives you an idea of how to use the SEM and similar types of interaction and proximity devices within the overall context of investigating, and using your equipment in a combined effort to capture solid phenomena. We look forward to using our SEM on more investigations and seeing if it can indicate genuine paranormal activity.

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