Thursday, December 31, 2015

We're Back ??? !!!

Seven members of the old NAPS team were able to gather for a reunion Wednesday night, December 30, 2015, and also take part in an investigation on a site we had never investigated before: Windsor Ruins.

I (Mike Chapman) had recently received two credible reports of apparitions from people I trust (separate, private individuals who are non-investigators), and one report that I rejected due to the lack of credibility on the part of a paranormal team that I do not respect as to their evidence collecting and methodology.

In the process of the evening, it was evident that many of our old members (several who could not be present tonight due to work, sickness and other commitments) wanted to resume some semblance of the team OR at least recover much of the website presence and online evidence demonstrations that we once had. So ... I have spent a few minutes tonight reactivating many of the old online sites we ran, including three separate blogs, our old Youtube channel, and our old Facebook page - all of which were taken offline when we went dormant. I am also working to reestablish the two Main websites: and

Those last two may be unrecoverable and the data lost, but the hosting service they were on regularly has continued to "pester" me to reactivate them - so the data may still be recoverable. There were some neat EVP and photo evidence listed there, as well as a ton of helpful information for individuals and client families who want and need help. I do still have ALL of the hard files and many photos.

Enjoy pressing through some of these old posts, but just be aware that some of the links may be dead.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year as we head into 2016!

- Mike Chapman

Monday, January 27, 2014

N.A.P.S. at the Myrtles - Amazing EVP


  This is a real E.V.P. recorded by
  our Investigators on site.

  Turn on your sound.

  Push the play arrow key in the center  
  of the screen.

  Prepared to be amazed.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Angelology Podcast Available for Download

Scott Blair of (out of Cincinnati, Ohio) and I recently completed a second podcast - this one on angels. A couple of months ago, Scott interviewed me regarding my work as a demonologist, how our team (NAPS) helps individuals and families that are undergoing extraordinary demonic attack, and what the Church must do in order to better face these realities. His international podcast of that interview went live on 11/02/2013

After that  session, we agreed to do another one - a more positive examination and talk on the holy angels. This new podcast is now available to download (link is below).

As I said in a previous post, Scott has a strong and caring pastor's heart for "grappling" with the tough, yet relevant issues that many pastors are not willing to face themselves, much less open up to their people about. I believe this is WHY the Church is losing our young people - and many older ones...because too often the Church runs away from the tough calls and the difficult issues. Not Scott! I thank God for him and for - for their ministry and for all those hundreds and thousands of people Scott and his folks are impacting for the Gospel of our Lord around the world. 


THE LINK to the Podcast -

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

N.A.P.S. Now Has YouTube Channel!

Hello everyone!

We have created a YouTube Channel and are beginning to put videos up. We are starting with three interesting ones - and are putting some effort into making them nice-quality videos that not only have something educational to offer - or have compelling evidence on them - but are also enjoyable and well produced. 

We encourage everyone to follow the link below and please - "Subscribe" to the Channel. It would help us also - if you enjoy a particular video, to click on the small "Thumbs Up" icon - which is located under the number of views the video has. Also, please leave comments. Thank you!

Here is a link to our YouTube Channel:

This is only the beginning, and Videos will be posted regularly!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Latest of our Proximity Equipment: The S.E.M.

Digital Dowsing (Bill Chappell) designs and builds several pieces of paranormal investigating equipment that we use. The latest of his design that we have acquired is a device called the Simple Energy Meter, or S.E.M. for short. The idea behind the SEM (other than to put dollars in Bill's pocket) is for the disembodied spirit to interact with the meter by coming close to it, which will "detect" its presence and set it off - due, in theory, to the spirit's manifestation throwing off certain types of energy which can (hopefully) be detected. This comes very close to Instrumental Trans-Communication (I.T.C.) because usually we will ask if there is a spirit present for it to come close to the device and interact with it so we can know it is there. It technically is not ITC because there is no voice, text or image present.

This particular form of interaction is what I call "proximity detection." If the spirit comes close to the device - hopefully it will set it off and alert you to the fact that something may be there. This is when photos of all kinds should be taken - such as those in the visible light spectrum (a normal camera, either film or digital) - as well as IR and Ultraviolet. If one is available, a thermal cam should be employed as well, and of course EMF measurements should be taken, audio, and so forth.

As far as what types of energy the SEM can detect - Digital Dowsing advertises that it will measure not only EMF fluctuations, but fluctuations or disturbances in the static field, as well as ionization. Hmmm. A tall order for a device that sells for only $79. One should turn the device on, move well away from it, and then allow it to adjust to its surroundings (let it establish its baseline). Then, if there is a disturbance or fluctuation from that baseline - it will set off the device in three ascending tones, depending on the strength and degree of the fluctuation.

Again, an alert does not mean spirit activity is happening, but does mean a change has occurred in the EMF/Ion/Static environment around the device; and so, other devices should be immediately employed to see if cross-substantiated evidence can be captured. (Example: it would be highly advisable to conduct an EVP session at that point.) You should also test the device by keying your two-way radios around it, as well as playing with cell phones - just to see how the SEM reacts around such devices.

I used our SEM for the first time on an investigation last week - without any results. That's fine - nothing else happened with any of the rest of our equipment either. Using equipment and seeing if it is effective or if it can be useful takes many months of consistent, diligent work. Spirits don't act on demand - they are intelligences and have wills and minds of their own.

So, this gives you an idea of how to use the SEM and similar types of interaction and proximity devices within the overall context of investigating, and using your equipment in a combined effort to capture solid phenomena. We look forward to using our SEM on more investigations and seeing if it can indicate genuine paranormal activity.

Prayers for the Philippines

by Michael Chapman

I am asking that you remember the great people of the Philippines in prayer - as they are recovering from the devastating typhoon that just hit them. This was one of the strongest typhoons ever recorded, and the death toll continues to rise. Many are mourning the loss of loved ones, or those still missing.

We have a great number of friends from the Philippines who visit this site, and we want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you! You are strong and courageous, and with God's help - you will get through this - though your loss has been terrible.

To those other visitors from around the world, Catholic Relief Services has, of course, already mobilized and is requesting (and receiving!) donations for the relief efforts. Catholic Relief Services is an outstanding organization that is highly reputable, with one of the highest percentages among relief organizations of your donations going directly to aid the victims. Please go to their site and donate generously to the typhoon recovery effort in the Philippines. God bless you!

The Link to Catholic Relief Services:

Friday, November 8, 2013

K2 Meter



Easily one of the most recognizable of all the equipment used by paranormal investigators and “ghost hunters” is the K2 Meter. I’m sure many of you have seen it on ghost hunting television shows. This meter is advertised to read electro-magnetic fields in the range of 50 to 20,000 Hz. 

[For those of you who are not aware – the theory among veteran investigators is that when a spirit manifests – whether that manifestation is a visual apparition, a voice or noise, a smell, or a touch – that in the process it will throw off electro-magnetic energy – known as an electro-magnetic field – or “EMF.” This theory dove-tails with a sister theory that a spirit USES energy as well in order to manifest in the first place – and one of the energies it can draw upon is electro-magnetic energy. Hence one of the pieces of equipment available is an “EMF Pump” which creates a high EMF field around the “pump” device thereby providing the spirit with ample energy if it wants to use it…so the idea goes. But, that last device is for another post. By the way, the spirit can also draw upon the energy of the batteries in our equipment, or it may draw upon the energy in our bodies – as other examples. I’ve experienced both of those quite often actually.]

The problem with the K2 meter (also sometimes designated as “KII”) is that the range that it measures is narrow, and measures within the range of common household appliances. It is also very easily set off by cell phones and two-way radios that investigators often use on investigations, because it is unshielded. Furthermore, it is a single-axis meter – meaning it only measures in one direction – as opposed to a tri-axis meter such as the Trifield Natural Meter – a FAR more appropriate and accurate device for paranormal investigating.

The Bottom Line: The K2 meter is a crude device that may tell you if you have too much EMF throw-off from your appliances in your home – but not much else. They used to sell for next to nothing ($25 bucks or so), but have shot up to $60 due to their demand by wanna-be ghost hunters – not because the technology is special. We use the K2 meter actually as an interactive device – NOT to measure EMF - to see if a spirit is in a location and will interact with us by lighting up the LEDs on command (or make them stop lighting up). 

Veteran paranormal equipment and technology specialist David Roundtree, whom I greatly respect, has said of the K2 meter, “This has to be the sorriest excuse for an EMF meter I have analyzed to date.” We use several versions of the MEL 8704 EMF meter on investigations, the Trifield Meter (for AC current), and the Trifield Natural EMF Meter for measuring magnetic fields, electric fields, and electro-magnetic fields. This last meter, used properly, is by far the best meter for capturing evidence that a genuine paranormal EMF disturbance is occurring. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Scott Blair of (Cincinnati, Ohio) recently interviewed me regarding my work as a demonologist, how our team (NAPS) helps individuals and families that are undergoing extraordinary demonic attack, and what the Church must do in order to better face these realities.

His international podcast of that interview went live last evening (11/02/2013) - and I must say it was the most thorough interview I've had in a while. Scott asked many hard-hitting and probing questions that included a dialogue about how the Church has sometimes failed in our mission to be the "sanctuary" for those afflicted by such issues. It seemed as if we talked for only fifteen minutes, but the podcast is well over an hour in length.

On top of that - we didn't get all of it covered!

Thus, we are planning to get together again for another round - an additional podcast - to get into issues and questions surrounding angels, demons, specifically how they attack us and how we can minister to people that claim to have such issues. Know this: Scott has a strong and caring pastor's heart for "grappling" with the tough, yet relevant issues that many pastors are not willing to face themselves, much less open up to their people about. I believe this is WHY the Church is losing our young people - and many older ones...because too often the Church runs away from the tough calls and the difficult issues. Not Scott! I thank God for him and for - for their ministry and for all those hundreds and thousands of people Scott and his folks are impacting for the Gospel of our Lord around the world. 


THE LINK to the Podcast -

Sunday, October 27, 2013

New FLIR Software Provides Filtering Modes

by Mike Chapman

New FLIR software allows us to enhance, filter and view FLIR thermal camera images with several different options. The advantage of doing this is to better view the image in varying contrasts to see if anything unusual was captured within the image. Just two examples are shown below, among many options.

The following photos are of the same image - taken a couple of years ago on an investigation at Elizabeth Academy on the Old Natchez Trace (around mile-marker 5). The top photo is the original FLIR i7 image in its typical mode (known as "Iron mode").

The second photo is the exact same photo in gray-scale mode, which is a VERY common photo filtering technique used to provide contrast. Many things will "pop-out" in this mode that you don't ordinarily see in typical photos of any kind - whether FLIR thermal images, deep IR (infrared), full spectrum or normal photos in the visual light range. So - use it often!

The bottom photo is the same photo in "artic mode."

This post shows you how interesting photo filtering can be - and gives you some familiarization with the use of the thermal imaging camera in different photo modes.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Old Jail Investigation - Thank You!

TEAM UPDATE: To all Team Members and Investigators –

Wednesday night’s investigation (October 23, 2013) of the Old Adams County Jail was impactful to all who took part. It was GREAT to see former team members like Benjie Sanders back in action – and he picked up right where he left off! Cheryl Freeman is a very experienced and talented investigator as well – and it is a relief to be able to hand folks off (such as our many guests Wednesday night) to people like that and to know everyone is in very professional hands. Kim Wiley being on Base is a huge anchor for us at that spot (she is excellent!), and investigations are simply not the same without her around. We pray for Kim’s continued recovery from surgery. Thanks also to her boyfriend Patrick for all of his very strong help! Jamie Walker is developing her investigating skill set nicely – as she takes part in more investigations. A big thanks to NAPS Demonology Team Members Kelly Sharp and Ruth Powers. Kelly drove down from Amory, MS to be with us. Michelle Nations was away at training and could not attend, as well as Michael and Kimberly DeLorenze who live too far away to drive over during a week-night. We also miss very talented and experienced investigator Lauren Smith, who moved to Dallas, Texas earlier this year and is soon getting married – we miss you Lauren (and Charles)!!!

We really appreciate the help also of Karren Ewing and her daughter Mandi Thornton who stuck around and helped us tear down all our equipment and load it out back into the truck. When most folks are ready to bolt and leave – they did the hard work when we are most exhausted. Thanks also to a couple of others who were there who are thinking about helping us on cases (who I won’t name just yet to keep their privacy intact).

I have a feeling I’m leaving somebody out that I haven’t mentioned…if I have it’s due to feeling under the weather, and not to spite! Thanks finally to the several guests who came and observed a real investigation for the first time ever - we had around 10 or so.

One big advantage of doing that investigation Wednesday night and using almost all of the equipment is it helped me (Mike) reconnect with some of it that others used to do – such as hooking up and running both DVR’s and all of the cameras, monitors and slave monitors (and powering up everything at base). We also discovered that the Full Spectrum camera battery is dead (so replacements were ordered yesterday). Static pods, the Ovilus X, and other such equipment not used on every investigation was put to the test and worked well. We will soon round up the rest of the obscure equipment (such as data loggers) and bring them up to speed also. A couple of forms are needing to be dug up and added to Sugarsync - such as our camera log form.

Thanks to all of you who came out Wednesday night. NAPS reorganized earlier this year when there were a couple of resignations and several people moving out of town, in order to focus on demonic and private individual cases. However, we will probably plan these outings from time-to-time and invite all of the “old gang” to take part so they can keep up their skills – and also use such outings to educate the public - a major reason we exist. Thanks again to all who participated.


Friday, September 27, 2013

Demonology: TEAM!

by Michael Chapman

I've had an unusual number of requests lately of people inquiring about getting into the field of spiritual warfare on an unusually high level. 

There are so many factors that go into investigating alleged cases of extraordinary demonic activity that one scarcely knows where to begin. It takes knowledge, education, experience, a calling, a firmly rooted salvation in Christ that has the four-fold aspect of: a moral life, a faith life, a sacramental life and a prayer life ... as well as other factors that have a bearing on how effective one can be. Another crucial factor, in my opinion, is to never, ever go it alone.

Our team is made up of older, mature individuals from a number of backgrounds, including law enforcement, nursing, education, information technology and other professional fields. It is also important to have immediate access to a psychologist, a medical doctor, and of course - clergy, including the advice/expertise of a mandated exorcist on difficult cases. We are blessed to have this in place, and have an entire support team around us, including access to respected team leaders and members of like-minded people around the nation, and even overseas, who we can cross-pollinate with and share information as the need arises (especially prayer requests). Entire other posts could cover the need for at least a minimum of equipment; sound and effective methodology; correct motivation and so forth, but it starts with the people one chooses to share this work with.

Of course, the ultimate "source" that one chooses to work with in this work - when properly done - is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. He actually is the One who chooses us.

If you are thinking about whether to get into this field, please consider what has been said here very, very seriously.   

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Demonic Summoning Sigils

As an occult specialist, I receive requests for help from all over the world through our websites. I received the following photo from someone who said a possessed person (a loved one) etched this in the headboard of their bed while under the influence of the demon in a particular episode. They wanted to know what it might be, or mean.
It is consistent with being a demonic summoning sigil - a symbol for a particular demon that when drawn, invokes its presence. (Their usage is often found in Grimoires of Witches and Satanists. A Grimoire [French pronunciation] is a "Book of Shadows" kept as a type of journal for spell-casting by witches, pagans and Satanists - whether simple magick or ceremonial magick).
I have included 4 photos for readers, you will have to click on them to enlarge them so you can see details. First is the original photo, in which it is difficult to see the etched symbol. Second, I gray-scaled the photo - an image software enhancement done in order to bring out the symbol more clearly. Third, a similar demonic summoning sigil for the demon Ambrel (known as "The Changer"); Fourth, an entire chart of such sigils.
WARNING: Say a prayer of protection just for reading this post, and DO NOT play around with this stuff. Posted here so if you ever see anything similar - you will know what it is - even though it may be done as a prank or a joke - one never knows.
I am not saying whether the episode as described by the person who sent this to me is real...(we receive prank and fraudulent claims sometimes) I am only commenting on the symbol itself. I have no way to prove or disprove their story. This post is simply being made to educate the reader on these sigils, which are real, and are used. One final thing, you can draw the symbol on a sheet of paper, then hold it up to a mirror and see how the image is presented backwards - a common demonic practice. Destroy the sheet with the sigil on it once you are finished with it, do not merely throw it away.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

LORRAINE WARREN: A True Catholic Warrior & Inspiration

by NAPS Team Leader Mike Chapman

This post was originally made back on March 24, 2012. I am reposting it due to the recent movie THE CONJURING. It was interesting to see in the movie how they asked the parents if the children had been baptized, as you will see in my story below, Lorraine still centers on this incredibly vital Sacrament. There are many other things I could comment on regarding this movie, but that's for another post.

She has the presence of a saint, and her eyes sparkle with light, life, and love. She is warm, personable, and talkative. She was also delighted when I gave her a small gift – a little statuette of Padre Pio, whom she is very devoted to. I am speaking of Lorraine Warren of Monroe, Connecticut, a pioneer in the field of demonology. I love Padre Pio as well, and it's was a delight to learn that Lorraine shares my devotion in asking this Saint to pray for us in our rosary prayers. Last October (2011), Case Manager Kim Frith and me (Team Leader, Mike Chapman) were fortunate enough to be in a group that was in her home to learn more about "the work" that we also are involved in, and about Lorraine's experiences over the years. Lorraine’s husband Ed Warren passed away in 2006 but Lorraine continues to be actively involved in cases.

That night in October will always be a memorable one for me. I will remember it most for the time I had speaking with her about Padre Pio, whom I had learned about by reading and listening to Lorraine’s story over the years. I had even gone so far as to purchase a couple of books about the famous Padre, and had read about his amazing life and ministry. I had developed my own love and adoration for this Capuchin Monk, and often beseech him on my behalf when I am praying. When I gave Lorraine her little gift, her eyes lit up and she seemed a bit amazed. She immediately asked, “Oh! You know about Padre Pio?! Thank you so much!” She was genuinely surprised and proceeded to tell me about her desire and past plans to go to Italy to his shrine, but that time after time she has been thwarted in her efforts to go. We got lost in conversation and finally Tony Spera, her son-in-law, had to break up our private party and get the events of the evening underway!

We spent the evening with Lorraine and Tony, and watched a video of an actual exorcism of a farmer by Bishop Robert McKenna. This was one of Ed and Lorraine’s worst cases. Seeing that video was extremely sobering – to see the power of Satan possess a grown man and the physical manifestations of that evil…tears and spittle turning into human blood right before your eyes…eyes that went unblinking for several minutes – impossible for the human eye to do naturally…and speaking Latin in reverse, when all he had was a third grade education. It was also reassuring to see the power of God in the Catholic Rite of solemn exorcism. The unspeakable act that led to this man becoming eventually possessed (an unusual case of “complete” possession) began when as a boy; he went into a barn and walked in on his father committing an act of bestiality with an animal. That led to his father forcing him to do the same and then a downward spiral to his eventual entanglement with occult practices.

We also had the great privilege of going through the Warren’s Occult Museum. I had underestimated this part of the visit, as I didn’t think there would be much to this. Was I ever wrong! This “room” consisted of hundreds of items collected over fifty years of cases involving evil or demonic spirits. I could spend another couple of hours in that room. Everyone was warned strictly not to touch any of the items, and we also had to be out by 9:00pm, the beginning of the witching hours. It would take forever to describe all the objects I saw there…many Ouija boards, voodoo dolls, possessed objects, crystal balls, satanic books and spells and so forth.

We gathered in Lorraine’s living room and were given plenty of time to ask her questions. This was another very encouraging moment. I had assumed that members of the visiting group would all be paranormal investigators and/or demonologists like me. Again, I was completely wrong. To my knowledge, Kim and I were the only ones who fit that category. All the others were people having demonic or paranormal activity of their own, or were there to ask questions on behalf of a friend or loved one. It was if I was a fly on the wall, listening to people who climbed the mountain to speak to the holy woman about the secrets of life (in this case paranormal or demonic activity) and got to listen to her responses to them! Time after time, Lorraine referred to God, the Church, and a priest as the remedy for peoples’ problems in this area. One girl kept asking about saging, or spreading sea-salt, and Lorraine kept telling her, “Get a priest in the home to bless her and the home.” This girl couldn’t get it through her thick head that many of these so-called remedies that are being tried by people are useless.  Someone brought up the fact that they had reached out to Chip Coffey, and Lorraine flatly responded, “Oh honey, Chip Coffey can’t help you, get a priest in the home to bless it!” She also brought up, several times, the importance of baptism, especially in the case of a child. She also gave people answers the probably didn’t want to hear, or that are not politically correct, or maybe difficult for people used to nice bow-tied endings to stories. She stated that sometimes children are trapped between this life and the next because they are unbaptised, and that’s why we need to pray for the dead. I really appreciated the strong Christian stance she took on behalf of the truth. I came away from the evening with an even greater love and respect for this amazing woman and her gift of spiritual discernment (how she puts it and I agree) and how she has helped thousands of people. The sobering thing for me in listening to the questions of the group was to realize just how ignorant the average American has become regarding basic spiritual truths. We have truly lost our way. One girl asked Lorraine, “Tell me again why baptism is so important?” Wow. Her question or comment was typical.

We ended the evening by going to the Cemetery and paying our respects to Ed Warren at his gravesite.  Then, we went to a nice Italian restaurant and shared a meal together. We took photos with Lorraine and Tony, and spoke to her a few moments and said our goodbyes. I have a feeling it won’t be the last time I see her.

God bless you Lorraine and thank you for a memorable evening. Like your beloved Padre Pio, you too are truly an inspiration.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

FLIR i7 Captures an Energy Mass at the Old County Jail

by Mike Chapman

Photo at Left:

FLIR i7 image of an energy mass at the Old County Jail on 6/18/2013 about 11:00pm. Photo by Jason Watts.


On Tuesday evening, June 18, 2013, six of us went to a site we have investigated many, many times in the past - the Old County Jail in Natchez. The old jail was built in 1891, and was used as a jail up unto 1975. Now it serves as an office building for the supervisors. At least five men were executed inside the building, by hanging. They would stand on a trap door with the noose around their neck and an executioner would pull the lever, and that was that. The trap door and lever are still there, as is death row. The trap door has been welded shut so it will not accidentally come open. We have recorded on audio (EVP) the sound of the trap door being sprung. You can listen to that EVP on our main website. The Old County Jail has proven to be very active historically and last night was no exception. With me were Ana Chapman, Millie Burke, Richard Burke, Jason Watts, and Kathleen Woodward Clay.

During an episode where a lot of activity was happening (EMF spikes, VP, and Ovilus X saying "cell" and "death"), Jason kept seeing a pulsating orb with the FLIR. It would appear, pulsate, and float off. This happened several times during a ten minute span. The FLIR is a $2000 instrument which detects heat (Forward Looking Infrared Radar). He tried several times to photo the mass when it would appear, and finally he was able to snap an image at the right moment. This is that image. There was absolutely nothing there that would naturally explain this.

When phenomena is occurring concurrently, it obviously adds much more weight to the phenomena being genuine. During this episode, which was happening on the second floor main cell block in the center cell block area and southeast corner of the block, the following things were happening concurrently:
VP - audio phenomena heard by six different people at the same time of cell bars being pounded on
Ovilus X - began saying words like "cell" (said this several times); and "death" and "cry" - words that fit the context. We prayed just in case a human soul was present and wanted to be prayed for. Afterward, the Ovilus X said, "Hope."
Physical Touch - Prior to this, upon entering the Cell Block, Ana was touched on the knee. During the episode described above, the Ovilus X said "Anna" - the closest word it has in its vocabulary to Ana's real name.
MEL EMF Meter - spiked from a baseline of 0.0 to 5.1 on one occasion and 2.8 on another.
FLIR image - seen in photo above and described in this post.

Update: This blog received a comment from a person in New York State who claimed that what we captured is merely a reflection off of metal. There were also some unnecessary things said in the comment made in a spirit of hate. As a cop, I am used to people making comments that they know absolutely nothing about, were not at the scene, do not know the layout or makeup of the scene, have no clue as to what we know and don't, have never used the equipment in question, but do not hesitate to inform you of what the situation is when it is you who has command of all those elements just mentioned. This is the stuff of fools.

This is not a reflection off of any metal. We observed this mass several times, and we were not moving. The object was moving and was not always in the same place. The narrow size and structure of what metal is in the vicinity is also completely inconsistent with the image. Where the mass is in the photo is a void with no metal at all. The background of the mass is actually old deteriorating brick, which would absorb any light, not reflect it. We know how to operate the FLIR and have years of experience with it in many circumstances, situations and applications. We are not rich, we are quite the opposite. We acquired the FLIR device due to hard work and savings.

The following two quotes are apropos: 

"Everyone sees the unseen in proportion to the clarity of his heart, and that depends upon how much he has polished it. Whoever has polished it more sees more - more unseen forms become manifest to him." - Rumi
"The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision." - Helen Keller

Photo above:

The Old Adams County Jail in daytime.


Monday, June 10, 2013

New Website Launch: Roman Catholic Demonology

by Michael Chapman
I have just launched a new Website:  Roman Catholic Demonology.

This new site will present demonology from a  Roman Catholic perspective, and emphasizes the victory of Christ over the forces of evil. It will have pages on how someone afflicted by a demonic presence can go about getting help. The purpose is to increase awareness of diabolical evil, without going overboard and seeing demons behind every tree or under every rock. It presents demonology from a balanced point of view. Its purpose is to present the basics of the following categories:
Demons & Angels
Exorcism & Deliverance
Categories of Evil
Levels of Diabolical Evil
Dangers of the Occult
Prayers & Scripture
The website, once completed, will have lists of relevant resources for study (books, articles and websites), as well as the relevant Roman Catholic norms and guidelines that the Church has promulgated regarding these subjects. My goal is to make it a high quality resource to go to for information about demonology from a Catholic perspective. It will be saturated with references from Sacred Scripture, the Catechesis of the Catholic Church, and statements by the early Church Fathers, Popes, and Catholic theologians who defend the traditional doctrine of the Church with regards to these matters.
The website came online on June 6, 2013. Content will be added throughout  the year, so that hopefully by Christmas of 2013 it will largely be complete. It may not seem like it to look at the Site now, but where I want to take it is a huge undertaking. I feel it will be better to post content as it is written, thereby making it available as soon as possible rather than wait until the entire site's content is written. Thank you for your patience, and prayers lifted my way in this regard would be truly appreciated!
The site in no way is directly affiliated or associated with the Roman Catholic Church. However, it does accurately reflect the stated doctrine, practice, and beliefs of the Roman Catholic Faith as outlined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), Sacred Scripture, the teaching Magisterium of the Church, & documents promulgated and released by Vatican Congregations that oversee such matters; or, are areas of belief and practice they while they may not be clearly defined by the Church, are within the framework of authentic Catholic doctrine.
Link to the site: