Monday, June 10, 2013

New Website Launch: Roman Catholic Demonology

by Michael Chapman
I have just launched a new Website:  Roman Catholic Demonology.

This new site will present demonology from a  Roman Catholic perspective, and emphasizes the victory of Christ over the forces of evil. It will have pages on how someone afflicted by a demonic presence can go about getting help. The purpose is to increase awareness of diabolical evil, without going overboard and seeing demons behind every tree or under every rock. It presents demonology from a balanced point of view. Its purpose is to present the basics of the following categories:
Demons & Angels
Exorcism & Deliverance
Categories of Evil
Levels of Diabolical Evil
Dangers of the Occult
Prayers & Scripture
The website, once completed, will have lists of relevant resources for study (books, articles and websites), as well as the relevant Roman Catholic norms and guidelines that the Church has promulgated regarding these subjects. My goal is to make it a high quality resource to go to for information about demonology from a Catholic perspective. It will be saturated with references from Sacred Scripture, the Catechesis of the Catholic Church, and statements by the early Church Fathers, Popes, and Catholic theologians who defend the traditional doctrine of the Church with regards to these matters.
The website came online on June 6, 2013. Content will be added throughout  the year, so that hopefully by Christmas of 2013 it will largely be complete. It may not seem like it to look at the Site now, but where I want to take it is a huge undertaking. I feel it will be better to post content as it is written, thereby making it available as soon as possible rather than wait until the entire site's content is written. Thank you for your patience, and prayers lifted my way in this regard would be truly appreciated!
The site in no way is directly affiliated or associated with the Roman Catholic Church. However, it does accurately reflect the stated doctrine, practice, and beliefs of the Roman Catholic Faith as outlined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), Sacred Scripture, the teaching Magisterium of the Church, & documents promulgated and released by Vatican Congregations that oversee such matters; or, are areas of belief and practice they while they may not be clearly defined by the Church, are within the framework of authentic Catholic doctrine.
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