Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Three-Fold Blessing

The following is our approach to blessing when doing deliverance ministry in a home with individuals and families. These three areas that are addressed in our prayers cover the major causal aspects of many cases: psychological, human spirit(s), or demonic, evil spirit(s). This is done because discernment as to cause is not infallible, and by doing these, all are covered. This is done of course, after ruling out that the cause might be physical or pharmacological (drugs) in nature. We learned this three-fold blessing from a Catholic priest who helped us in one of our cases a few years ago. We thought it was brilliant and have used it ever since. No prayers are listed below, just the three categories themselves along with some brief notes. What is below is actually contained in a handout we give clients at the scene, so they can review it afterwards and use it themselves. Our purpose in helping people is to teach them to help themselves. As to the prayers we use, we use many Catholic prayers for deliverance - both formal prayers that are traditional prayers for such occasions, and prayer simply spoken "spontaneously" while we are there. In this way, the family is prayed for by sharing in traditional prayers used by "the faithful" for centuries, as well as addressing their own specific situation.
When you pray for liberation from spirits, pray for the following three areas:

1. Peace of Mind [For the Victim’s Psychological, Mental, and Emotional State of Mind]

2. Any Human Spirits present to Leave and enter their Eternal Rest [Spirit Rescue]

3. Any Demonic and Evil Spirits present to be Exorcised or sent away, forever. [Deliverance]



A. You and those living in the home ultimately decide what happens in your home. (Free will)

B. It often takes time to get the situation totally and 100% resolved. Please, be patient and persevere. It may take six months, it may take six years. The most important thing is for the activity and anxiety to be reduced to a level that you and your family can abide and live by until things can get totally resolved.

C. We are here, and have been here, to help and assist you to learn to take command and solve your situation. We do not magically come in and do this for you. We are aids and guides that come in for a time, and assist.

D. If a crisis arises that is beyond your ability, contact us right away. We will respond as soon as we can, but be patient with us also. This is volunteer work, and we all have families, lives, problems and jobs of our own to attend to. We will get to you as quickly as we can. We do care! Indeed, we even feel called to this work.

E. Adults are responsible for leading, teaching and guiding their children in what we have taught you. Just remember to be gentle and give age appropriate guidance to them in a loving, secure environment.

F. Do your best not to react in strongly emotional ways that display to the spirit(s)  and one another that you are “freaking out” and are anxious and afraid. Granted, this takes time, but you will be amazed at how soon you can show calmness in the face of what in the past would have caused you to react very emotionally or with much fear and anxiety. Be determined and resolute. Teach this to your children. Teach them a prayer to pray when and if something happens, and teach them to roll over and go back to sleep or to continue to do what they were doing. Strive to peace of mind and peace in the home. We strongly encourage psychological evaluation and counseling as appropriate to each situation.

G. Remember that negative spirits often feed off of anxiety and fear. Human souls who are lost and need help should only need a few sessions of prayer to help them move on to God’s place of eternal rest for them, and that is how you should pray for them. Pray for them when and if it arises and then put it out of your mind. Don’t let your mind wander or excess over such “lost” or “trapped” souls. Also, please do not be naïve to the fact that the situation could be an evil spirit playing upon your sympathies – disguising itself as a poor, lost human soul who needs your help and wants to stay there because it finds comfort there. A real problem in some of our cases is a client who, either consciously or subconsciously, really doesn’t want to lose the spirit or for the activity to stop, even though they may actually be afraid sometimes.

H. You may, despite all these efforts, still have activity from time to time. This may be because God is allowing it to keep you close to him (as was Paul the Apostle’s case of his “thorn in the flesh” in the New Testament, found in 2 Corinthians 12:7)…or perhaps because someone in your family is a sensitive and they are attracted to him or her. You may have to learn to live with a certain level of activity from now on. What you need to know is, when that level is too high – your threshold –then you do a blessing or in severe cases, contact us.

I. Remember, that what you have learned is not what most people live by. You now know that the spirit world is a reality and it is all around us all the time. Given now that you know this very well, you realize and understand that if they manifest (show) themselves in some way, that this is not weird, really. You always knew and believed they were there; now you know in a more profound, experiential way, but do not let this “new reality” alter your lives. Take control of your lives and live the way you know you are to live…keep right on living and don’t let them distract you or throw you off track.


© Copyright – Natchez Area Paranormal Society, Natchez, MS. This document may be shared for use in helping victims of activity. We simply ask that you not alter it in any way, and leave this paragraph on your handout.

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