Sunday, October 27, 2013

New FLIR Software Provides Filtering Modes

by Mike Chapman

New FLIR software allows us to enhance, filter and view FLIR thermal camera images with several different options. The advantage of doing this is to better view the image in varying contrasts to see if anything unusual was captured within the image. Just two examples are shown below, among many options.

The following photos are of the same image - taken a couple of years ago on an investigation at Elizabeth Academy on the Old Natchez Trace (around mile-marker 5). The top photo is the original FLIR i7 image in its typical mode (known as "Iron mode").

The second photo is the exact same photo in gray-scale mode, which is a VERY common photo filtering technique used to provide contrast. Many things will "pop-out" in this mode that you don't ordinarily see in typical photos of any kind - whether FLIR thermal images, deep IR (infrared), full spectrum or normal photos in the visual light range. So - use it often!

The bottom photo is the same photo in "artic mode."

This post shows you how interesting photo filtering can be - and gives you some familiarization with the use of the thermal imaging camera in different photo modes.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Old Jail Investigation - Thank You!

TEAM UPDATE: To all Team Members and Investigators –

Wednesday night’s investigation (October 23, 2013) of the Old Adams County Jail was impactful to all who took part. It was GREAT to see former team members like Benjie Sanders back in action – and he picked up right where he left off! Cheryl Freeman is a very experienced and talented investigator as well – and it is a relief to be able to hand folks off (such as our many guests Wednesday night) to people like that and to know everyone is in very professional hands. Kim Wiley being on Base is a huge anchor for us at that spot (she is excellent!), and investigations are simply not the same without her around. We pray for Kim’s continued recovery from surgery. Thanks also to her boyfriend Patrick for all of his very strong help! Jamie Walker is developing her investigating skill set nicely – as she takes part in more investigations. A big thanks to NAPS Demonology Team Members Kelly Sharp and Ruth Powers. Kelly drove down from Amory, MS to be with us. Michelle Nations was away at training and could not attend, as well as Michael and Kimberly DeLorenze who live too far away to drive over during a week-night. We also miss very talented and experienced investigator Lauren Smith, who moved to Dallas, Texas earlier this year and is soon getting married – we miss you Lauren (and Charles)!!!

We really appreciate the help also of Karren Ewing and her daughter Mandi Thornton who stuck around and helped us tear down all our equipment and load it out back into the truck. When most folks are ready to bolt and leave – they did the hard work when we are most exhausted. Thanks also to a couple of others who were there who are thinking about helping us on cases (who I won’t name just yet to keep their privacy intact).

I have a feeling I’m leaving somebody out that I haven’t mentioned…if I have it’s due to feeling under the weather, and not to spite! Thanks finally to the several guests who came and observed a real investigation for the first time ever - we had around 10 or so.

One big advantage of doing that investigation Wednesday night and using almost all of the equipment is it helped me (Mike) reconnect with some of it that others used to do – such as hooking up and running both DVR’s and all of the cameras, monitors and slave monitors (and powering up everything at base). We also discovered that the Full Spectrum camera battery is dead (so replacements were ordered yesterday). Static pods, the Ovilus X, and other such equipment not used on every investigation was put to the test and worked well. We will soon round up the rest of the obscure equipment (such as data loggers) and bring them up to speed also. A couple of forms are needing to be dug up and added to Sugarsync - such as our camera log form.

Thanks to all of you who came out Wednesday night. NAPS reorganized earlier this year when there were a couple of resignations and several people moving out of town, in order to focus on demonic and private individual cases. However, we will probably plan these outings from time-to-time and invite all of the “old gang” to take part so they can keep up their skills – and also use such outings to educate the public - a major reason we exist. Thanks again to all who participated.