Sunday, August 28, 2011

NAPS Team INFO: Meetings & More

Notice to Natchez Area Paranormal Society Team Members, from Team Leader Mike Chapman:

Our leadership has met and discussed the status of the team after the long summer lay-off. Some of us have been busy despite the lay-off, on such things as referrals and consultations; ghost and after-life theory research; equipment testing; and one full investigation in the Jackson area that involved demonic activity. We hope each of you has had a great summer and are ready to get back into the swing of things with the coming of cooler weather. I'd like to share some of what we have discussed as we move forward with the Natchez Area Paranormal Society. I'd like for each person, as we get ready to resume our team meetings, to read the following carefully and consider whether or not to choose to rededicate yourselves to this volunteer group, or decide that you simply don't have the time at this point in your life. No one will be upset if you can't. What does get people frustrated is when you say you will and you rarely or never show up to meetings or investigations, get months behind in your dues, don't pay for your team gear, and want to push responsibilities, (such as evidence review and reporting) off on others. Frankly, that is no longer going to be tolerated.  Please, either do what you're supposed to, or don't pretend you want to be a's that simple.

September 20 (Tuesday) at 7pm at Mike's House - outing at Meadvilla afterward

This is a big one: one of the things we are determined to do is to have a team of investigators that is dedicated and active. This includes participating in investigations, including EVERY aspect - research, outings, field investigations; evidence review; reporting; keeping dues paid and current; keeping up with equipment and handling it with respect and taking care of it appropriately; paying for team shirts and caps in a timely manner; coming to team meetings on a regular basis, going through the training outlines we gave you, etc. This is one area that is definitely going to change, and we are in the process now of dropping individuals that are showing by their choices they are not truly interesting in being an active or responsible paranormal investigator. It is one thing to say you want to do this and another to be a responsible, mature, professional investigator. If this means we only have six or eight investigators then so be it. The rules are going to be stated and enforced strictly. Nothing personal, but that is the only way to make it fair for those who are working so hard to help people with paranormal activity. This is a volunteer organization, and to be involved costs time and money. If you are going to volunteer to help people in this way, then do what you say you're going to do - otherwise please stay home.

Dues for individuals is $10 per month, and $15 per month for married couples who are members. Dues will resume starting September. Do not get behind! Out of these funds we purchase things such as gas for trips, batteries for equipment, supplies, marketing materials, new investigative equipment for the team, website costs and more.

As soon as the weather cools off, we will be resuming the cemetery clean-up project at Meadvilla. Most of the hard work is done, but we need to clear the cemetery itself, re-mow the path back to the cemetery, and then start research on those who are buried there.

The equipment we have is the best in the field. We have equipment that other teams only dream to have. This equipment is available for you to use but MUST be properly accounted for and cared for at all times! You will sign out for the equipment and will be held responsible if it comes up missing or damaged. Our latest piece of equipment is the Ovilus X, which is proving to be very useful. We received one of the first Ovilus X's ever produced, in the first production run. Tech Specialist Mike DeLorenze is speaking with Bill Chappel on a regular basis via email, and keeping up with the latest software downloads for the Ovilus X as Bill releases them. Mike has some neat things to share with the team regarding our plans for upgrading the Ovilus X, as well as sharing with us information the latest Mel Meter, the MEL ATDD, which we also recently received.
    Sugarsync (our data storage site) is back up and running, but you will need to re-sync your computer to it. Get with Michael if you need help. We have a better plan for long-term data storage that we will share with you at the meeting.

We look forward to getting back into full team mode soon, and enjoying to continue to build upon our success of being one of the best, most professional, thorough paranormal teams in existence, as we work side by side to help people and families with their paranormal experiences. See you all soon!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Ovilus X at The Myrtles Plantation

Leaders of the SOR Unit of the Natchez Area Paranormal Society got together Friday night to discuss upcoming plans for team meetings, outings, investigations, investigators, and equipment expansion & inventory. We held our dinner meeting at the Cock-of-the-Walk restaurant on the bluffs of Natchez, overlooking the Mississippi River. Afterwards, and on the spur of the moment, we decided to drive the forty-five minutes down to The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana to continue our efforts in evaluating one of our newest pieces of equipment - the Ovilus X by Digital Dowsing.

We thought it would be a great test of the equipment to use it at a site that we are extremely familiar with and that we know to be very active. Also, it is a site that most paranormal investigators around the country are certainly familiar with. The Myrtles "haunting" is commercially exploited and has a lot of myths surrounding it that are not factual; however, the site is actually very paranormally active. This blog entry is about our outing last night and the very interesting and compelling results we achieved with the Ovilus X. The S.O.R. Unit (Spiritual & Occult research) leaders that conducted this experiment at the Myrtles were Michael & Kimberly DeLorenze, Mike Chapman, and Kim Frith.

Details soon...

Monday, August 8, 2011

House Blessing - Clearing Upcoming

Select members of the S.O.R. Unit of the Natchez Area Paranormal Society will be conducting a house blessing/clearing in the Jackson, Mississippi, area in the near future. The home, recently investigated by members of N.A.P.S. as well as members of M.S.S.P.I. since last autumn, has had paranormal activity occurring there for the past several years. Investigators have concluded that a Christian blessing/clearing of the home is the most appropriate solution to the ongoing paranormal activities that are occurring in the home. The S.O.R. Unit (Spiritual & Occult Research) conducts these blessings and clearings, sometimes with the aid of a priest. The effort normally includes counseling and follow-up with the client.