Wednesday, June 19, 2013

FLIR i7 Captures an Energy Mass at the Old County Jail

by Mike Chapman

Photo at Left:

FLIR i7 image of an energy mass at the Old County Jail on 6/18/2013 about 11:00pm. Photo by Jason Watts.


On Tuesday evening, June 18, 2013, six of us went to a site we have investigated many, many times in the past - the Old County Jail in Natchez. The old jail was built in 1891, and was used as a jail up unto 1975. Now it serves as an office building for the supervisors. At least five men were executed inside the building, by hanging. They would stand on a trap door with the noose around their neck and an executioner would pull the lever, and that was that. The trap door and lever are still there, as is death row. The trap door has been welded shut so it will not accidentally come open. We have recorded on audio (EVP) the sound of the trap door being sprung. You can listen to that EVP on our main website. The Old County Jail has proven to be very active historically and last night was no exception. With me were Ana Chapman, Millie Burke, Richard Burke, Jason Watts, and Kathleen Woodward Clay.

During an episode where a lot of activity was happening (EMF spikes, VP, and Ovilus X saying "cell" and "death"), Jason kept seeing a pulsating orb with the FLIR. It would appear, pulsate, and float off. This happened several times during a ten minute span. The FLIR is a $2000 instrument which detects heat (Forward Looking Infrared Radar). He tried several times to photo the mass when it would appear, and finally he was able to snap an image at the right moment. This is that image. There was absolutely nothing there that would naturally explain this.

When phenomena is occurring concurrently, it obviously adds much more weight to the phenomena being genuine. During this episode, which was happening on the second floor main cell block in the center cell block area and southeast corner of the block, the following things were happening concurrently:
VP - audio phenomena heard by six different people at the same time of cell bars being pounded on
Ovilus X - began saying words like "cell" (said this several times); and "death" and "cry" - words that fit the context. We prayed just in case a human soul was present and wanted to be prayed for. Afterward, the Ovilus X said, "Hope."
Physical Touch - Prior to this, upon entering the Cell Block, Ana was touched on the knee. During the episode described above, the Ovilus X said "Anna" - the closest word it has in its vocabulary to Ana's real name.
MEL EMF Meter - spiked from a baseline of 0.0 to 5.1 on one occasion and 2.8 on another.
FLIR image - seen in photo above and described in this post.

Update: This blog received a comment from a person in New York State who claimed that what we captured is merely a reflection off of metal. There were also some unnecessary things said in the comment made in a spirit of hate. As a cop, I am used to people making comments that they know absolutely nothing about, were not at the scene, do not know the layout or makeup of the scene, have no clue as to what we know and don't, have never used the equipment in question, but do not hesitate to inform you of what the situation is when it is you who has command of all those elements just mentioned. This is the stuff of fools.

This is not a reflection off of any metal. We observed this mass several times, and we were not moving. The object was moving and was not always in the same place. The narrow size and structure of what metal is in the vicinity is also completely inconsistent with the image. Where the mass is in the photo is a void with no metal at all. The background of the mass is actually old deteriorating brick, which would absorb any light, not reflect it. We know how to operate the FLIR and have years of experience with it in many circumstances, situations and applications. We are not rich, we are quite the opposite. We acquired the FLIR device due to hard work and savings.

The following two quotes are apropos: 

"Everyone sees the unseen in proportion to the clarity of his heart, and that depends upon how much he has polished it. Whoever has polished it more sees more - more unseen forms become manifest to him." - Rumi
"The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision." - Helen Keller

Photo above:

The Old Adams County Jail in daytime.


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