Saturday, September 10, 2011

N.A.P.S. Helps Resolve Clinton, MS Case

Friday evening, N.A.P.S. Investigators from its S.O.R. Unit conducted a home blessing at a residence in Clinton, Mississippi, just outside of Jackson, the State's capitol. The case involved both human spirit activity as well as demonic activity on the level of "Infestation," the second level of six as rated by the Unit. The first level is that of Influence, and is the least serious. Complete Possession is the most serious, and is extremely rare. At the Infestation level, the demonic activity is becoming less covert and beginning to come more out into the open and overt. N.A.P.S. is very much a solution-based team and enters investigations only when it feels like it can help the family or individual resolve their situation. Friday night, team members used a three-part solution consisting of an evidence reveal, including both technical and non-technical evidence; provided detailed counseling and packets of follow-up information and action points; and conducted a Christian house clearing & blessing ritual using scripture, prayers, holy water, and blessed oil during a rite often used to exorcise and bless a dwelling. The S.O.R. Unit, made up of the team's Spiritual and Occult Research members, assessed the evening as being both humbling and successful.

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