Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cryptozoology: Strange Beast Roams in Anna's Bottom

Professional photographer Tim McCary caught this strange creature on a wildlife camera in Adam's County, Mississippi (which is the County that Natchez is in). Tim's hunting club is situated on the river flats of Anna's Bottom on the East bank of the mighty Mississippi River. Our county is located in the southwestern portion of the State, and is in the very deep South. It is comprised of very rich farmland and thick river-bottom woods and swamps. Check out the photo of the creature that was caught on camera. Look at the topmost photo. What do you think it is?

Yep, that's right...it is an African hyena! A mammologist from Mississippi State University identified the animal, and thus the inset (lower) picture of a hyena for comparison. Who would have ever thought that an African hyena would be roaming the bottoms and swampland of Adams County, Mississippi? Let's see, water moccasins, alligators, black widow spiders and now...hyenas! Great shot Tim, but no crypto-beast, this one is an animal we humans know about - just not at all familiar with around here! The search goes on for Bigfoot and the Rougarou.

To watch footage of this video, click here!


  1. Ok - remind me NOT to visit Anna's Bottom after dark...unless of course I'm packing my Hyena-B-Gone spray. To think of all the crazy, teenage nights I spent out there - without a clue as to what may be roaming around in the dark beyond the headlights

  2. Ten years ago I saw a pack of hyenas in Tunica County. They were crossing the road from a catfish pond. I was in the car with my sister and she saw them too.