Sunday, March 27, 2011

Psychic Kid Case in Long Beach, MS

Saturday, five members of our S.O.R. Team traveled to Long Beach, Mississippi to help a twelve year-old girl and her family deal with unexplained phenomena she has experienced since she was three.  I can honestly say that this is one of the most interesting cases I have ever been involved with.  A personal note of thanks to the mother and family of this amazing twelve year-old, for allowing us to come and get involved with what is going on in their lives.  As Maddie's mom and I discussed, we are making a bit of this story public to you in hopes that it may help others who are also experiencing this with one or more of their own children, to have the courage to reach out and get help.  We can help!  As this mom said, "I would like to put on the record that Mike and his team met my family today. I am unable to describe in words what this visit meant to my daughter, husband, brother-in-law, and myself... To you Mike-everyone you had with you was compassionate, warm, and most importantly, comforting to my Maddie. I hope she heeds the advice of your team and learns to see her sensitive abilities as a gift instead of a curse. In my heart, I feel like this was accomplished today. When y'all left, she told me that she does not feel like a crazy (person). She sees her gifts were bestowed upon her from Our Lord Jesus..."

There is much to the story I can't post in a simple forum like this, but I can mention a few things.  Again, we have the complete permission from the parents to present their story to you.  Maddie, from the time she was three years old, has been seeing the spirits of deceased people.  She is also often able to see peoples' auras and read them.  Sometimes she can tell if someone is in pain or hurting.  She says that this (their pain) interferes with their true aura coming through.  Recently, her encounters have gotten more intense and she is seeing two or three spirits regularly, especially the ghost, or spirit, of a little girl.  There also has developed a more ominous side to all of this, in that Maddie is encountering negative spirits in the form of shadow figures.  She has also begun to get scratched and has other paranormal phenomena occurring that points to demonic attraction to her.  

Demons can often be attracted to human spirit activity, like a beacon.  They also could be attracted to Maddie, as they probably have recognized that these human spirits are drawn to her, and they recognize her gift from God in her ability to discern spirits.  I believe that they see her true calling and identity and fear her potential in serving God with this gift.  Our team received a very ominous warning the night before (Friday night) from a powerful demon who appeared to one of our team members and warned him that we should not go to meet this family or get involved in this case.  His wife helped him to get past that attack.  It is the third such warning by demons that we have received before a major case involving demonic spirits.  It is interesting to note that Ed and Lorraine Warren often received similar warnings and attacks before their investigations.  I am humbled that God has chosen me and my fellow team members to come into the life of Maddie and to be both protector/defenders and trainer/developers for her in her gift.  Wow!  We had stopped into a Catholic bookstore on the trip down and bought her a gift, and presented it to her and blessed it.  It was a St. Michael the Archangel pendent.  Maddie had, she believes (and we do too), an encounter with the archangel Michael when she cried out for help one night.  He appeared to her as a bright blue orb and spoke to her in a thick, resonant voice to not be afraid.  We thought the pendant of St. Michael was perfect for her.  We also thought it very unique and special that the two men on our team Saturday that God called upon to go and help her, are both named Michael!

We will be very involved in helping her parents develop Maddie's gift, which we believe is the spiritual gift of discernment of spirits mentioned in the New Testament.  They will provide the love and nurture, and we will provide the parameters, training and mentoring.  Maddie, as well as her parents, are Christians.  We are a Christian paranormal team that believes and depends upon Christ to lead, guide us and give us true insight (discernment).  This child has been examined by medical doctors and psychologists.  She is not schizophrenic.  Her gift is genuine.

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