Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update: Welcome Wales, Portugal, Finland, Indonesia, Romania, Serbia, Czech Republic and Saudia Arabia!

Recent visits to our websites in the last couple of days from Finland, Wales, Romania, Indonesia and Portugal, Czech Republic, Serbia and Saudia Arabia raises our total of countries from 42 to 50 in just over six months! With just a few more days to go until April 9, our sixth month anniversary of launching our websites, we are updating our totals as they change. We recently decided to stop and take stock of how far we've come in six months time and as a result, have become aware of how international and widespread our "splash" has been. This is truly exciting and humbling! Our sites are truly beginning to "mature" and we hope to be writing more content in the coming months on theory and approach to paranormal investigating, especially from our unique perspective. Thanks again to our readers for giving us a voice in the conversation, and stay tuned!

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