Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Meadvilla Clearing

Photo at Left: This is a view looking toward the Meadvilla Cemetery at the base of the ridge point. Note the pre-cleared path, indicated by the arrow. Once the path is fully cleared (which it was after this photo was taken) and the cemetery itself is cleared, one should be able to see the obelisk from this vantage point. The entire area was extremely over-grown. That is quickly changing however.

After another round of working on the path to the Meadvilla Cemetery, I am proud to declare it is now cleared all the way to the cemetery itself! Victory! There is a bit of widening and weed-eating that needs to be done in some areas, and more lopping of overhang along the way, but the path is very clear all the way back to the cemetery. Actually in fact, in the cemetery I was also able to clear a small path to and around the obelisk itself.

So, B.L.C. Wailes' grave has been cleared for the first time in probably many decades. I am happy to be able to have done it, all in honor of the man and the others buried there. It is a quiet, peaceful place for the most part (one can occasionally hear some sounds from the houses along Old Courthouse Road). Hopefully, we can pull-off a team work day soon to clear the cemetery itself. If not, I will work on it a bit at a time.  I am determined to see this through to the end!  It would be very nice to have a four-wheeler to haul the tools back there, as it is now quite a trek hauling a wheelbarrow full of tools. I can say for certain that the hardest part is done, as the last 75 yards clearing the path through "the S curve" was very tough going.  Now comes the "fun" part, clearing the cemetery and marking the grave sites.

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