Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New NAPS Gear: Experimental Ovilus X and the MEL ATDD

OVILUS X    I have always been rather dubious of the ability of the Ovilus to conduct valid paranormal research, but recently changed my stance a bit.  In the past, I have perhaps been a bit unfair in my (pre)judgement of this device. While I remain a "healthy" skeptic, I have decided to purchase the latest version of the Ovilus - called the Ovilus X.  Why?  Because I truly believe that anything can be manipulated by a spirit to communicate with us.  I also feel that no device should be rejected a priori based merely on the negative pronouncement of others, especially the pseudo-scientists in our field who reject anything that is not, in their minds, solid science.  I'm speaking of those who reject any and all orb evidence as invalid - (which I think is ridiculous - occasionally orbs can be the real deal); reject demons as being real; and reject devices such as this as always being "digital snake oil" which one researcher dubbed the original Ovilus puck. 

If a cell phone, answering machine, or TV can be used by spirits to communicate, then this machine surely can also.  One would have to be extremely closed-minded to deny that.  It doesn't mean that it is a great piece of equipment, but does mean I'm willing to give it a shot and test it for myself.  I think that is the approach all of us should have.  If it's a piece of junk, then I have an expensive paper weight.  If it works, I have another tool in my tool belt to help me - help others.  I have decided to purchase the latest version, the Ovilus X, and use it experimentally to attempt to understand what may be present in a home or on a site.  I understand very well that it has a limited vocabulary, and that it can give you any answer.  However, I think that prolonged intelligent answers that fit the context of the haunting and the question being asked - in my book, would be valid. If the Ovilus gives me an "answer" that fits my question, I understand the odds are 1 in 2,048 (the number of words in its digitized vocabulary) of giving me that answer.  However, if I ask repeated questions - such as two or three or four - and get more answers that fit the context, the odds do not merely double or triple - they go up exponentially into the millions!  Those are odds any reasonable investigator, including my Sheriff's Department fellow-Deputies, would surely take.  I've never met Mr. Chappell or spoken to him, but I'm certainly open to discussing his device with him.  I look forward to receiving the Ovilus X and putting it through some field testing in actual investigations. 

The latest version of the Ovilus, made by Bill Chappell and Digital Dowsing, is the Ovilus X.  The Ovilus X is a Talking ITC device designed for experimental use.  It features an upgraded processor that is faster; an increase in memory to 512 bits; a 2,048 word vocabulary, upgradable firmware; a white noise generator; a low power EM pump with programmable rates; light and sound sync for external cameras; improved proximity detection, and a recessed power switch to prevent accidental power on.  This latest version is not even out yet, but is available for presale and will be shipped in May.  Only a limited number are being built, since they are all made by hand by Chappell and not mass produced.  I have recently been impressed by its use on Ghost Adventures.  In my opinion, they are using it correctly on the show by carefully analyzing returns of the Ovilus that fit the context of the question and in repeated intelligent answers that fit the questions being asked.

MEL ATDD    Another piece of equipment I've ordered that is brand new is the MEL ATDD.  It is so new I could not find a photo of it to use, so the photo to the left is of a standard MEL 8704.  The new MEL ATDD has a row of LEDs across the top front and an additional LED on the very top next to the thermo-coupler (K meter), as well as additional switches.  All of this can be seen on the YouTube video at the bottom of this post.  In addition to its normal features, this MEL Meter has an automatic temperature deviation device, which gives light and tone signals when there is a temperature change in the atmosphere.  This meter has all the normal features of the MEL8704 including the EMF Meter, temperature probe, flashlight and the other standard features. As stated, this model has a new, additional feature. This new feature detects subtle ambient temperature changes in the environment, and converts the hot or cold change into an audible and visual alarm. Each degree change produces a unique tone. There is a one octave step for each degree change which allows the user to quickly differentiate any temperature change even without looking at the display. Blue LED's are used for a temperature decrease, while red LED's are used to show any temperature increase that occurs.

To see Gary Galka's demonstration of this amazing piece of equipment, click here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=q5kr07PIL2Y

The Natchez Area Paranormal Society is constantly upgrading our gear, including experimental devices on the cutting edge of research, in order to field test and validate the equipment and add to our impressive array of equipment so that we can conduct the finest possible paranormal investigations for our clients. 

UPDATE: 4/7/2011
I have received the MEL ATDD, which joins my MEL 8704R and 8704 Vibe, and have begun putting it through some tests and checking it out.  I can already say that this MEL is absolutely awesome, and I can't wait to put it to use in the field!  This is already my favorite, and when used in the proper setting and placement, is going to yield great results.

UPDATE: 7/1/2011
OVILUS X  To read about startling initial field-test results - click here.

UPDATE: 9/12/2011

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  1. There are a couple things people need to put in consideration when metaling around with these devices or any other ITC device is that they can be potentially dangerous. So id advice everyone to be careful.
    They are very interesting and very useful devices when communicating with the other side.