Friday, March 4, 2011

NAPS Team Update

Research Assignments - Public Cases we have started historical research on:

Glenburnie: The Goat Castle Murder [Mike]
The Myrtles Plantation: [Cheryl] - basically complete
The Eola Hotel: [Chris]
The Old Adams County Jail [Benjie] 
Longwood: [LS]
Dunleith: [Kimberly]
Magnolia Hall: unassigned
Linden: unassigned
The Towers: unassigned
Please call or email Mike or Kim if you are willing to do the research on the unassigned locations!

Old Adams County Jail:
Investigation set for 9pm Friday, March 11th.  We've gotten good evidence there before.  The old jail was completed in 1891, and several dozen prisoners were executed there.  Very active site.  All investigators are welcome!  Please let Mike know if you are planning on being there!

Old Church in Anna's Bottom:
We are working to secure a date to investigate an old church were full-bodied apparitions have been seen as well as doors opening right in front of people with no rational, physical explanation.  Anna's Bottom is bottomland right on the river just north of The Devil's Punchbowl.  I've had numerous people tell me that Anna's Bottom has a lot of paranormal activity there.  Stay tuned!

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