Wednesday, February 23, 2011

N.A.P.S. Unveils New Demonology Site

The Natchez Area Paranormal Society is pleased to announce the unveiling of our demonology site!  It is the home domain site of Natchez Paranormal's S.O.R. Unit (Spiritual & Occult Research Unit), which is a small but dedicated group of specially called individuals within our larger group of paranormal investigators.  The "Seal," shown on the left, is the official crest of our S.O.R. Unit, and depicts the Archangel Michael, our patron Saint, with the words in Latin "Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle."  Those words are from the larger prayer that most are familiar with. 

Although the site is new and there is not much content posted on it yet, we would like to make our readers aware of it.  It is the second of four planned "satellite" sites that supplement our Main Website at

Here is the link: enjoy!  N.A.P.S. Demonology Site - Spiritual & Occult Research 

While the main site is dedicated and designed specifically for potential clients in need of investigation, the satellite sites are designed for other specific and special purposes.  The concept behind the new demonology site is to present and post the more spiritual and demonology/angelology aspects of paranormal research.  It will also present information and our views of occult practices - such as Wicca, Ouija, Tarot, Voodoo & Hoodoo, paganism/neo-paganism, and tons of others that are far too numerous to list here.  Additionally, there will be postings on scriptural breakdowns and an "apologetic" of our view of ghosts and how scripture, in our view, does support the concept of ghosts as human beings being caught up between this world and heaven.  We will also discuss famous cases of exorcism and demon possession that movies were based upon, such as Anneliese Michel (The Possession of Emily Rose); Douglas Deen (The Exorcist); and Doris Bither (The Entity); as well as famous historic cases such as the Watseka Wonder and the Loudun Possessions.  Finally, toward the bottom of the site, you will find the beginnings of what will become several topic specific Vocabulary and Concept "dictionaries" for resource and reference.  It will take us time, but eventually we will build an awesome site with tons of information on spiritual and occult research, from our perspective.  More content will be added weekly.  Earlier this year, we launched our Historical Archives satellite site.

Later in 2011, we hope to unveil the last two of our four "satellite" sites:

Case Files & Evidence Site - which will showcase some of our audio, video, and photo evidence, as well as non-technical evidence; and make available our case files that are releasable to the public.

Paranormal Investigation Education  Training Site: which will be educational and pedagogical in nature, in many categories of paranormal investigation, including specific pieces of equipment, methods, ghost theory; strategies of field investigations, etc.

Thanks for dropping by our site.  Please bookmark us under your favorites!  We are strongly dedicated to being a great source of news, evidence, education and activity in the paranormal research field.  Stay tuned!

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