Monday, February 14, 2011

Fright Fest in Jackson a Rowsing Success!

The February Fright Festival (F3) held in Jackson last Saturday was a big success.  We met a lot of people, and answered a ton of questions about paranormal investigation.  We also got to hear people's firsthand stories of their own experiences.  Mike even had a couple of people who told him that they came to the festival just because they needed to speak to a demonologist about a problem they were having.  That was special.  Many of our visitors listened with fascination at the EVP evidence, as well as watched photo and video evidence on the three laptop "evidence portals" that we had available.  We handed out lots of business cards and rack cards.  They also got to see some of the equipment we use and discussed how we use it.  People were very curious and impressed. 

It was also great to get to spend extended time with Dr. Alan Brown, who has written numerous ghost tale books, including one about Natchez entitled, Haunted Natchez.  Dr. Brown asked Mike to keep close contact with him, and keep him posted on the various investigations N.A.P.S. is doing in and around Natchez.  There were many creative artists there as well as authors.  The Q & A Panel was a hit, with many questions being asked by the audience about different aspects of ghost hunting and specifically about demonic presences.  It was significant that all three teams present were united in our responses. Mike gave a presentation at the beginning of the session of the investigative process that NAPS goes through when thoroughly investigating a site.

The humorous highlight of the day was when the ghostbuster guy came through - and had an extra suit.  So, Mike suited up and had some fun.

So, the event was a success in more ways than one, and our booth looked fantastic!  To our friends at MSSPI and SPARS - thanks for coming along, and making the event special.

N.A.P.S. is looking forward to many more public relations and education events in the coming months.

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