Friday, July 1, 2011

Startling Preliminary Results with Ovilus X

Our Lead Tech Specialist Michael DeLorenze reports startling results from his initial field testing of the brand new Ovilus X. Michael and his wife Kimberly recently went to King's Tavern and the Ovilus X gave them several very significant words, such as: fireplace, trap, Harp, chain, and Tom (the current owner of the Tavern is Tom Drinkwater). Given the large vocabulary, these appear to be far more than simply relevant random hits.  I particularly find the fireplace and Harp hits to be significant - those aren't everyday words. [For those of you who are unfamiliar with the King's Tavern haunted site - those words are extremely significant and relevant to that site.]

Michael is putting a report together on his testing.  It is true that these words could be entirely random coincidences, but in my opinion (and his) "coincidences" like these are rather difficult to swallow - the Ovilus X results shouldn't be dismissed that easily if one is truly open-minded. We certainly plan to continue to test against known sites such as King's Tavern, but so far, the results are startling to say the least. At one point, they tested the Ovilus X over a portion of the brick floor where, during one of our investigations there a few months ago, a copper rod dowser (Don Estes) had located a body. The Ovilus X, over that exact spot in the floor, began saying over and over again, "Body." What are the odds of that? 

The Ovilus X is pointing toward being a useful tool on investigations.


  1. Lol, that's awesome I had some pretty interesting results with my Ovilus X. It's a 2 part series. I also had nice hits with the REM feature on my Mel meter to correlate with the Ovilus X. The darn spirit started talking about me. I did talk to him (the spirit) about what I do for a hobby in an EVP session about 2 weeks prior.

    Just got my digital display for it from Ole man Chappie. I went out and tested it with some interesting results also. I will post a video with the footage eventually. I was using the brand new rt-evp that was just released too.

    This is my new favorite blog!

  2. Thanks Lance, we will check out your findings. How is the DTD box for the Ovilus working out? We've ordered one of those also. Bill is great to work with.

    I love the RT-EVP, it's my personal choice for EVP work, and Gary is indeed a great guy. Thanks for your input and the kind words!

  3. I have an Ovilus rev b and I didn't put much stock into it at first. But it made some observations that couldn't be a coincidence. One night I was petting my cat and it blurted out Cat and pet, with no questions asked by me. It also did something totally disturbing. One night in phonetic mode it began making strange noises and it said demon so I said a prayer to hopefully get rid of any negative energy and it let out a loud growling sound. I was a bit creeped out by it. Since then my K2 goes off at times and I get legit responses from it mostly they are observations of things in my home such as I was updating my GPS device and it said Tom Tom, traffic. It also likes to call my cat a pest. It has said Cat then pest three times after that. So I believe the device works and it might not be a good idea to use it in your home. That was a mistake on my part. I now have shadows that wake me at night. Not sure what to do about it.