Saturday, November 20, 2010

Busy Two Days for N.A.P.S.

Last night (Friday Nov. 19), N.A.P.S. held a Team meeting, which started at 7:30pm and ended around 9:45pm.  We were able to get a lot of things accomplished. 

Mike conducted training for about an hour on material and spiritual world overlap, and basic ghost-spirit entity theory.  He contrasted the Western world-view (split-world) with the Eastern more integrated worldview. 

Next we covered such topics as demonology (specifically: demonic "blow-back"), as we have had some demonic encounters recently and we wanted to discuss all of that and answer questions.  Mike went over the Law of Attraction and the Law of Permission, and also discussed a sub-law to the Law of Attraction that he has coined, called the "Law of Too-Much-Attention" which is a form of unwitting attraction in which a naive person can gain the attention and interest of demoniacal entities by being a bit too "open and eager."

Then, we covered more mundane (but totally necessary) topics such as naming, storing and uploading files to our Web-based storage site (SugarSync); and we discussed evidence review.  Sugarsync is an awesome tool we utilize so that everyone on our team can review any of our photo, video, audio, Microsoft Word, or evidence files on any case at any time, from a WiFi connected computer, or even their cell phone if it is online connectible.  We have "folders" in this data "storehouse" that also contain such items as all of our Forms and Documents (example: Declaration of Truth Form), as well as Interview Questionaire Forms, Log Forms, and File Naming Protocols. You name's on SugarSync or headed there. 

As for our data from investigations, we all upload our files (again - whether it be audio, video, photo or Word document), and name them according to a team format for naming files.  Even our SmartDraw floor plans, phenomena charts, equipment layout plans, and all other SmartDraw video processes are on SugarSync.  (One awesome feature of SmartDraw is a one-click feature that will turn a full blown floor plan into a single sheet Word document or even a PDF file - amazing!)  All of our computers are "synced" as far as what we upload, so if one document is changed or added, it automatically is updated or added to all the others.  It doesn't allow access to one another's computers, just syncs what is uploaded.  It's great.  An example: I came home from King's Tavern this afternoon (discussed below) and uploaded the FLIRi7 baseline photos.  Now, anyone on the Team can check them out by going online - just that quick.  No more flash drives or burning CDs - except for evidence - but we have an entire section of SugarSync that just has the "pure" evidence (actual phenomena) clipped and stored neatly away under each case file.  The other parts contain the raw (original and entire) files.   

We covered the current cases and our schedule, and discussed as a team various aspects of the cases we are working on now, as well as recent cases we just came off of.  We also had a lot of fun discussing possible sites we want to explore next year, and brainstorming about things we want to do, which includes some overnight trips, new equipment, and fun sites.  Team members present were Cheryl Freeman, her husband Randy, Michael and Kim DeLorenze, Chris Jackson, Kim Frith, Benjie Sanders, and Mike Chapman.  We finished up the evening by laying out all of our Christian amulets, necklaces, crosses and crucifixes and having a blessing ceremony.  The evening was a lot of fun and we were able to get a lot done.

This afternoon (Saturday, Nov. 20), six of us went to King's Tavern and met with owner Thom Drinkwater (formerly Thom Miller) and conducted some of our pre-field investigative methodology.  The six were Mike C, Mike D, Kim D, Kim F, Benjie S and Chris J.  Thom gave us all a tour of the entire place, discussed much of the history and particulars, and gave us important little-known facts.  Then, as Benjie, Mike D and Chris took baseline EMF, Temp readings and took room-by-room photos, Kim D drew the floor plan and layout.  Meanwhile, Kim F and I interviewed Thom.  We worked through our normal set of 45 in-depth questions, but also had many more that we had formulated just for King's Tavern and were specific to this site.  It was an amazing afternoon, and while we can't reveal just yet what we uncovered, we did already make one amazing major investigative discovery related to one of the photographs that Thom has.  We do have the normal documents signed - a Declaration of Truth; a Permission to Investigate/Liability Waiver; and a Release of Information document. The release of information is subject to Thom's review after the reveal, which is why I'm not going to reveal our major discovery today until later.  It's rather stunning if I say so myself.  Sorry, wish I could say more.

N.A.P.S. investigates King's Tavern next Saturday night, beginning at 10:30pm.  Outside consultant Don Estes will be joining us and doing more dowsing work both inside and on the grounds.

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  1. Do I get to see what you guys uncovered this past Saturday? And can I be caught up on the team meeting from Friday if at all possible? I'm sorry if it seems as if I've been so completely unavailable at times - it's not intentional, I promise! Lol.

  2. Hi there Summer. Absolutely! I can email you what we uncovered once I can get to a scanner. I'm off on Wednesday & Thursday and can meet with you to catch you up on the team meeting - specifically the training, if you'd like. I'm working the rest of the days. Hope you are feeling better!

  3. The kids are out of school all week, so they're with me. Thursday is Thanksgiving, so I'll begin cooking Wednesday and eating with the family Thursday. Wednesday would be better, but like I said, I have the girls with me. Thanks, I am feeling better, but unfortunately, I think everyone else is catching what I had! Lol

  4. Let me know what time, and where to meet you - we can meet at my house or yours, or where-ever. I think an hour would be sufficient.