Monday, November 29, 2010

Mike & N.A.P.S.: Area Reps for American Ghost Society

We recieved an email from Troy Taylor today informing Mike that he and N.A.P.S. has been added to the official Area Representatives Roster on the American Ghost Society's website.  We use Troy's Guidebook, which is excellent, as one of our main training manuals.  This is an honor for us, and is one of the goals we wanted to accomplish this year because it represents a high level of professionalism and national recognition that our NAPS Team has achieved.  It means that we are achieving results as we work hard to accomplish our goal of being able to help people, both clients and assisting other teams.   

The American Ghost Society on what an Area Representative is/does:
The Area Representatives for the American Ghost Society are members who have been chosen to serve as contact people in their area for the general public and other ghost hunters; investigators and contact members for other AGS members in their region; and to report on anomalous events and hauntings in their state or region.

They serve as regional representatives for the AGS and are happy to answer questions and comments about their area from interested parties and other ghost hunters. They are also available to conduct investigations under the auspices of the AGS (or their local society) should someone know of a haunting in the region. They also serve as leaders to any other AGS members in their area who would like to participate in mini-meetings or field investigations.

Email from Troy Taylor:

Thanks for the message and sorry to be so slow in getting back to you, we were away for the holiday. Yes, I also remember us discussing this via email and I’m happy to have you on board. I added your information to the area reps roster this morning.
Best wishes,

Troy Taylor


  1. Congratulations, I respect Troy Taylor a great deal and love reading his articles and books. We also use his guidebook as part of our team training, I got my new revised copy this past week and I highly recommend it. Great job on becoming area reps, Shelly and I are also members of the AGS and we consider it an honor to be part of it.

  2. Thanks! I see where ya'll are doing this too. Just one more thing we have in common! :)