Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Investigative Outings to Elizabeth Academy & Mead Villa

Photo at Left:  Ghostly image is of five N.A.P.S. Investigators surrounding Elizabeth Female Academy on Monday night.  If you look closely, just above and to the left of the couple, you will see the outline of the remaining high wall that is all that is left of the Academy.  Photo taken of the Team by Mike Chapman using a FLIRi7 thermal imaging camera.  What we look for using the FLIR is extremely cold spots.  At left, the camera is set to read the temperature of whatever the center "reticle" is pointed at - which in this case is the back center of Investigator Benjie Sanders' shirt - reading 84.7 degrees.

Monday, November 22 from 10:00pm until midnight, six of us went out to both Elizabeth Female Academy and Mead Villa.  Five of six of us were physically touched or had something thrown at them at Elizabeth Female Academy, while positive EVPs were recorded at Mead Villa. One Investigator was conducting an EVP session with a DAS RT-EVP when she was grabbed on the hand.  One was touched on the right ear, and another felt her chest being pressed in upon.  All this occurred in one particular area.

At Mead Villa, Benjie Sanders had been there earlier in the day and felt a very strong sensation for about 30 seconds that he was being watched by something.  One such EVP was after "Were you watching Benjie when he was here earlier today?"  A response whispers, "Yes."

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