Monday, November 8, 2010

Update for N.A.P.S. Investigators

Thanks guys for keeping your eyes peeled to this board - it sure makes it easy for me to get info to you.

Wednesday's PI:
The field investigation floor plan/equipment layout using the SmartDraw software is finished.  The floor plan has all the camera locations and aiming directions mapped out on it in color coded form, as well as all the other devices and meter locations.  Still tweaking the FI (field investigation) schedule and techniques, but it's pretty much done.  You all will get a copy during the final briefing before we go hot on location.  I'll clarify any questions then.  Your suggestions, as always, will probably cause changes/additions/tweaks to the plan.  Put your thinking caps on!

The FLIR i7 has been shipped.  It will be here Thursday.  Let's have fun this weekend taking it through some field tests.  Let's all take turns with it.  The data logger is here - Mike D is going to have it ready for Wednesday's investigation.  We have another DELL laptop computer totally dedicated to N.A.P.S. now (thanks to Kim F!), and Mike D has plans for a third one he is working on. I think we have more equipment than we do people to run it all, although we are getting a number of applicants now.

Welcome Benjie Sanders, our new investigator in training.  Benjie is a Deputy Sheriff and works the same Patrol Shift as Mike.  He's going to be a great asset!

We are starting to add bios and photos of team members on the main site. Mike D will be building a data base website for all of our case files and phenomena to be posted on in a very organized manner.  I'll be writing about our multiple site plans soon, and describing what our web presence "buildout" is going to look like in the future.  It's going to be really nice.  I think we've had these sites up for only a little over a month and this is just the tip of the iceberg for what's coming.  I expect a year from now, we'll all be amazed.  But, you eat an elephant one bite at a time.

Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication!


  1. Hey,
    Randy has decided he would like to join our group. Is it ok for me to copy the paper work for Janet and give it to Randy to fill out? He doesn't like missing all the action! I knew he would see the light. LOL