Saturday, November 6, 2010

N.A.P.S. Consistently at The Myrtles Plantation

One thing that we haven't mentioned at all is our consistent forays to The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville.  Every week for several weeks now, we have had N.A.P.S. Investigators driving the forty-five minutes down to conduct all kinds of sessions.  The N.A.P.S. investigators most busy with this have been Cheryl Freeman and her daughter Jaime, and Kimberly & Michael DeLorenze.  Tonight (Saturday) I (Mike C) will be going down with Mike and Kimberly DeLorenze.  Just yesterday (Friday), Cheryl and Jamie went down and spent the night.  Then on Sunday, Mike C, Mike D, Kimberly D and Chris Jackson are driving down.  That will be four trips in three days.

These investigators have been getting significant activity with EVPs on the grounds.  We haven't been posting any of these because we've been so busy, but we have several EVPs to post from The Myrtles as well as the Old Adams County Jail, when we can get to it.  It shows how busy we've been with these public investigations, and we are also currently involved in two private investigations as well.

Update:  (Saturday) We've just posted one of the best (by best I mean loudest and clearest) EVPs that most of us have ever heard anywhere - captured by N.A.P.S. investigators Mike & Kim DeLorenze at The Myrtles on Friday evening 11/5/2010, using Panasonic RR DR60.  Check it out by clicking here.  We suggest you listen to it with "over-the-ear" earphones with the volume at a comfortable but high level.  What's amazing is how loud and clear it is so one can hear the little girl's shyness and a tinge of sadness.  Just from the last two trips to The Myrtles we have over a dozen clear EVPs, from human spirits to demonic voices - a couple of them extremely personal, graphic and vulgar - they knew exactly who we were, and about family over a thousand miles from here.  (Sunday) Investigated inside in four rooms: Ruffin-Stirling Room, William Winter Room; John W. Leake Room - all upstairs; and downstairs in the General David Bradford Suite, as well as all over the grounds.  Recorded much phenomena, mostly EVPs, and we will be posting some of these soon.

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