Friday, November 5, 2010

MS Department of Archives & History on Dagger

Today I was able to speak with Cindy Gardener, one of the Curators at the Mississippi Department of Archives & History in Jackson, Mississippi.  I spoke with her about the Natchez Democrat article dated March 13, 1977 in which it states, "Mrs. Annabelle Maxie, owner of the dagger, recently loaned it back to King's Tavern following a study by the Mississippi Department of Archives.  She said the archives department had determined that the dagger was of Spanish origin."

Ms. Gardener asked me to fax a copy of the article to her, and she is trying to see if they have any record of the study in their archives that would verify the story.  It would be nice to finally have something tangible regarding the bodies and dagger supposedly found at the Tavern.

I also have been phoning around in an attempt to make contact with any of the Maxie's listed locally to see if they are, or know of, any existing relatives of Mrs. Annabelle Maxie so we can interview them and possibly track down the dagger.  Two of the four numbers are disconnected, even though the phone book is of July this year - amazing how difficult it is to find any record of a dagger or bodies!!!  Another number said the Maxie person living there was not home, but would be back later this evening.  Stay tuned for further developments.

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