Friday, November 19, 2010

Yes, We "Do" Science

Lest we be thought not to really conduct scientific investigations because we are too "religious," I have included a link to our entire equipment inventory (it's only 4 typewritten pages long!).  Actually it doesn't even include a listing of the dozen or more personal recorders and cameras we each have.  There are other teams who have more equipment, and of course it's not a contest, but I list the equipment just to show to our critics that we conduct hard-core scientific investigations - just from a Christian perspective.  We are a new group, formed just this late summer.  The "organization" itself is new, some of us have been researching the paranormal for decades.  We also have plans to add to our scientific tools significantly in 2011, along with another 4 to 6 investigators to help run it all (so that we can do multiple investigations simultaneously).  The question I would ask is, Why would we own all of these technical do-dads if we didn't use them?  Obviously, they have a purpose!  N.A.P.S. strives hard to strike a balance between science and belief, which we do NOT think are necessarily contradictions.

Our equipment inventory - click here.

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