Friday, November 12, 2010

N.A.P.S. Uses A Visual Processor

Photo at Left:  Pictured are N.A.P.S. Investigators Michael Delorenze and Chris Jackson.  Michael is on the left in the dark jacket and Chris is on the right.  This is a recent photo taken while they were investigating the Elizabeth Female Academy located just off the Natchez Trace.  Michael is our Lead Technical Specialist and Chris our Lead Historical Researcher.  (Photo by Kim DeLorenze)

SmartDraw Software
N.A.P.S. uses a Visual Processor software called SmartDraw that helps us do a wide variety of things.  We use it to create our floor plans of a Case Site, and from those floor plans we are able to do field investigation plan layouts (also done on SmartDraw), using different colored symbols to represent various cameras and their angles of view, as well as symbols that are color-coded to represent various meters and other equipment.  All of our equipment and the base station is located on the Site Plan using these symbols and each piece of equipment's "aim-angles" are indicated.  We copy off a Plan copy for each Team Investigator going on location, so everyone knows exactly where each piece of equipment goes.  It makes set-up very efficient and quick.  We can also use the floor plan left "blank" and simply write down baseline EMF readings and temps right on the plan where each measurement is taken, put the date and time on it, and simply stick the plan in the case file. No more having to write down a bunch of entries on a log and write down exactly where you are.  Those are just a couple of examples of how we use the Floor Plan made with SmartDraw (there are many more). 

We also use SmartDraw to make visually powerful charts such as our Field Investigation Process Flow Chart.  We give a copy to our clients and it helps them understand more clearly what we will be doing.  They usually are very impressed when we hand them a Floor Plan of their site, along with our equipment location plan, and then hand them our Process Flow Chart.  It instantly shows them we are professional and very well organized.  The use of this software is almost endless, and it creates presentation quality visuals that are amazing.  We also use it to make visually impressive time lines, organizational charts and literally dozens of other visuals that are useful for our historical research, team files, and many other applications.  As they say, just as a Word Processor is necessary, now the Visual Processor is becoming a must have.  We've found it really useful and recommend it highly.  N.A.P.S. is constantly searching for creative tools to use to apply to our creative, professional approach to paranormal investigation.

We suggest you check out SmartDraw by going to their website (click here) and watching the Guided Video Tour.  Enjoy!


  1. Anyone wanting to see daytime pictures of the Elizabeth Female Academy along with information about its history and a map showing its location along the Natchez Trace Parkway please see: Elizabeth Female Academy on