Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nine NAPS Investigators at King's Tavern Tonight!

Photo at Left: Five NAPS Investigators recently at Benbrook House Private Home on Pearl Street in Natchez. Front row, from left to right: Kimberly DeLorenze, Client Laura Newkirk, and Chris Jackson. Back row, from left to right: Michael DeLorenze, Mike Chapman, and Kim Frith. The team had several things happen and recorded evidence phenomena during the investigation.

The King's Tavern investigation is a major investigation for us, and nine investigators will be taking part.

King's Tavern Equipment to be used will include 8 high resolution infrared cameras; 2 four channel DVRs; 2 laptop computers; 2 motion sensor video cameras; 2 motion sensors; a Deep Infrared photo cam; a Full spectrum photo cam; 7 EMF meters; a Sony camcorder; several digital cameras; Canon 35mm camera...‎a FLIR i7 thermal camera; about a dozen audio recorders including Panasonic DR60, Zoom H2 and RT-EVP, Trifield and Trifield Natural meters, various atmospheric meters and equipment, static e-pod detectors and 4 Kenwood UHF Pro two way radios. We will conduct at least 18-20 EVP sessions.

We will use trigger objects in various targeted EVP sessions. Our investigation should conclude around 3am Sunday morning.  Investigators taking part: Mike, Kim, Chris, Kimberly, Michael, Summer, Cheryl, Benjie and Lisa.

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