Thursday, November 11, 2010

Benbrook House, Natchez, Mississippi

Photo at Right: N.A.P.S. Investigators Kimberly and Michael DeLorenze on an investigation at The Myrtles Plantation recently. Kim and Mike participated in Wednesday night's investigation at Benbrook House in Natchez, Mississippi.

Benbrook House: 
Last night, Wednesday, November 10, five members of N.A.P.S. conducted a very thorough field investigation into Benbrook House, a private residence located on Pearl Street in Natchez, from about 9:00pm until around 2:45am. Now that a release of information form has been signed, we can tell you a bit more about this private investigation case. The home was built in 1883, and has been in the same family since that time. N.A.P.S. used extensive equipment and several different EVP approaches. Preliminary indications are fairly strong for significant paranormal activity. We experienced odors (the same smells that have been reported by witnesses); team sensitives feeling strong presence of entities; tapping noises; motion detectors going off all throughout the night; temperature drops; and other phenomena, including some video evidence we will examine really closely. Evidence review is now underway, and we should be posting our finding hopefully in about a week. Thanks to Laura (and Kathy) for being really gracious and hospitable hosts!

New Investigation Opened in Nearby County:

Tonight, Kim F and I (Mike C) are traveling to a nearby county for an in-depth interview and site review with a couple having what they claim to be significant paranormal activity in their home, and are disturbed by it. They claim this activity has been going on for approximately five and a half years now.  They have two children in the home. They feel strongly that if they turn to their pastor and their church they will be seen in a light they do not wish to be seen in, and when they turned to a paranormal team from another location, they were "turned off" by the Team's being far too "gung-ho" and seemed a bit too eager, immature and unprofessional.  The couple also stated that this team said they would come in and "do a seance and bring a Ouija board."  They were adamantly opposed to this and rejected the team accordingly.  They were about to give up when they found us.  This helps us know that our approach to paranormal investigation (both solidly scientific AND Christian) is one in which many people value and want when they invite a strange group of people into their homes and into their situation. It's just nice to know that our "niche" is valid and needed.

FLIR i7 is in:
Today the FLIR i7 arrived.  I've charged it up and have been using it around the house and outside learning some of its capabilities.  I'm also studying the manual to learn what all it will do.  It should prove to be a very useful piece of equipment on investigations, when used properly.

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