Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Photos From Last Monday Night

More photos from Monday night's outing, where N.A.P.S. consultant Don Estes, using dowsing rods, located the remains of a female, 5' 7" in length:

Photo at Left:  Natchez Historian and Dowser Don Estes, a N.A.P.S. consultant, points out information about the grave he has just located, and tells us how his dowsing system works.  Don is the retired Director of the Natchez City Cemetery, where he used this technique with great effectiveness for many years.

Photo at Left:  Flag Markers locating each end of the grave.  No, those are NOT orbs - they are droplets of water as it was raining a very light mist.

Photo at Left:
Measuring tape signifying the exact length of the grave at 5' 7-1/4".

All photos taken by N.A.P.S. Investigator Benjie Sanders.

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