Monday, November 15, 2010

Franklin County Private Home Investigation - Dowsing Successful in Locating Remains

Photo at Left:  Outside Consultant Don Estes dowses for remains and locates the body of a female, 5' 7" tall.  Don is second from the left.  The woman who saw the apparition of the Indian is on the far left.  N.A.P.S. Investigators Michael DeLorenze and Chris Jackson are on the right.  Photo taken by Mike Chapman using a FLIR i7 camera.  We used a portable GPS to log the spot, did a sketch of the layout, used a compass to orient the grave, and used a tape measure to measure the exact length. 

Tonight we traveled to the Franklin County Private Home investigation site and took baseline EMF readings, took baseline photos of all the rooms, did our floor plan measurements, did final interview questions and follow-ups from our in-depth interview on November 11, and also located the exact area of all phenomena witnessed in the house (which has grown to 23 different occasions of activity varying from apports to apparitions).  N.A.P.S. Investigators present were Michael and Kim DeLorenze, Mike Chapman, Kim Frith, Chris Jackson and Benjie Sanders.

We also took outside consultant Don Estes with us, who besides being a historian, also has the ability and skill to dowse for remains.  The husband and wife walked us back to a remote area of the property and she took us to the spot were she had seen the apparition of an Indian who had told, "My mother is buried here."  Don located the remains of a female body within three minutes of beginning to dowse.  The body, according to Don, is of a female.  He placed markers at each end of the body, and we measured the distance at 5' 7". 

Don walked in concentric circles (a law enforcement search technique) in a wide area and did not locate any more remains.  He came back to the area several times and we watched closely as he got the exact same response each time.  This technique is not a gimmick nor a joke.  It is for real.  Keep in mind that as Director of the Natchez City Cemetery, Don has done this for many years locating remains that had to be disinterred and relocated, and has decades of experience that is tried and tested.  Don will also be accompanying us when we go to King's Tavern later this month and will be dowsing both in the back and side yards for bodies, as well as inside the tavern itself (he says it will work through the floor).  Don's dowsing is based on the polarity of the remains working in conjunction with the polarity of the dowser.  If you have seen it in action as we have, you would be amazed. 

Don, who originally was highly skeptical of dowsing, became a believer in the technique when he witnessed it and then began trying it himself at the Cemetery, and it worked each and every time he has done it.  We feel extremely privileged to be able to work with outside consultants such as Don.  He is a valuable asset to N.A.P.S.  We now will be consulting with an expert Indian historian who has written several books (and who is a friend of ours) about how to proceed with possible archaeological excavation of the remains, help us consult with Indian chiefs and authorities (Mike has Choctaw Law Enforcement buddies in Philadelphia, MS) and whether that is feasible or culturally acceptable.  Rest assured that N.A.P.S. will always respect that a human being's burial spot is sacred, and did advise the owners of the site of such sensitivities. N.A.P.S. is, of course, comfortable with the idea of leaving the remains and the site alone.  That decision rests with the owners of the land.  Our job is to help the owners receive solid information upon which they can make an informed, wise and morally responsible decision. 


  1. That is intense! Keep up the good work Ghost Hunters! And my dad Benjie Sanders! Try the burnt down antebellum home downtown. I think it's Auburn Antebellum? I'm not exactly sure. A doctor owned it and was trying to remodel it. It has basements and caged windows and painted signs of the star of David. Check it out! --Brandon Sanders

  2. Hey Brandon! The home you are speaking of is Arlington, and yes, three of our investigators did an outing there recently and did get an EVP. Your dad is going to be a really good investigator.

  3. Very interesting read!!! I think the home owners are going to just throw some more dirt on the grave and plant some daffodils in the spring.. Undecided .. Still praying... Can't Wait to see what happens next!

  4. Ocean Of Notion

    Great! may be you can make a marble or granite tomb for the old native american woman