Tuesday, November 16, 2010

N.A.P.S. Future Plans - Including Multiple "Sub" Web-Sites

As N.A.P.S. moves closer to closing out it's first calendar year of existence, we are "vision-questing" our future and enjoying brainstorming and making goals for what we want to accomplish in 2011.  One thing that excites me the most about our team is how professional and goal oriented our team is.  Everyone is constantly thinking how to improve themselves in their own skills and also about how to improve as a team.  It's a wonderful and awesome atmosphere to be a part of, and I thank each one of you for contributing to it.

Web-Site Build Out:
In keeping with our purpose statement, NAPS is continuing its build-out plans for the Team by discussing and planning our information gathering and sharing strategy.  We are extremely dedicated to our goal of education when it comes to paranormal research.  We feel strongly that there are many errors and misconceptions "floating around" about the field and the phenomena of hauntings, ghosts, and spirit activity.  We realize, of course, that there are many views and explanations as to these experiences and activities, and that no one is an expert.  Having said that however, we believe that some are more informed and closer to the truth than others.  As such, we wish to share our views and have them "put it in the mix" to be considered.  With that in mind, we are planning a muliple website strategy, with many "sub-sites" revolving around the "central hub" of our main website.  Each of these sub-websites would have its own specific and unique goal or purpose.

The Main Site:
Our main site is used as our mast-head and central "marketing" focal point to get everyone to.  It's purpose is to do three main things: 1) tells the who, what, why, where, when and how we do things;  also 2) is written for and to potential private clients who are having difficulty with paranormal activity and who want and need help- and shows them how to get in contact with us and what to expect with all of that; 3) is a hub that one can connect to, that links to other sub-sites for all kinds of information and education.  The other sites are stand-alone sites, but are really designed to supplement the main site.  By the way, "marketing" as a word does NOT mean "showing something in order to sell something" - that's called advertising.  Marketing actually means how you present yourself and involves your identity, character, and self-image - even if you are a business, or in our case, an organization.  It means how you choose to portray yourself.  Again, this is true for businesses and organizations as well as individuals.  Our website(s), the layout, the content, the colors, the photos, the words - all "market" us or "present" us to those who come to the site, and we need a site that presents us accurately - as serious professionals who know what we are doing.  We still have some work to do on the main site, including finishing up some pages and continuing to build and add other pages.  That will continue into 2011.

Blog Site:
The purpose of the Blog site (currently up) is to share information about the Team, what we are doing, and how we are doing it. One of the things we want to do in the future is share information about individual team members.  We are a team made up of really interesting, dedicated and talented people, and we want to share that with those of you who are interested in getting to know us better.

Case Files:
Instead of merely being a page on the main site, we want to expand this into a full blown site of it's own, with publishable cases that will help people better understand paranormal phenomena.  This will be a data-based type site, and Lead Tech Specialist Michael DeLorenze is the visionary and action man behind this concept - hopefully this will become a reality in 2011!

Historical Research Room:
Borrowing the concept from our friends at MSSPI who have an amazing research sub-Website, we too would like to post our historical research onto an organized and dedicated site.  We are very serious about our historical research, and dedicating a site to that would benefit our clients and others interested in the rich history of Natchez and Adams County.

Theology & Philosophy Site:
This site would be dedicated to defending and asserting our point of view of why we as Christians think that ghost hunting and research is not merely acceptable and okay, but should be seen as a valid mission of Christians living in a world where needs must be met with the answers that only Christ and His church can provide.  This page will be dedicated to how we balance science with belief, and defend our view to both secular purist science which scoffs at belief in God in general; and then too, against fundamentalists who think ghost hunting is dabbling in the occult and is not supported by scripture.  We will present our view that both are based in ignorance and wrong thinking.  As one of our Team members recently said, "It's a shame to have to fight Christians in order to help people."  This page will be a cogent theological and philosophical response in defense of Christians conducting paranormal research. 

This would be a site dedicated to education on paranormal research, parapsychology and ghost hunting - from vocabulary and terminology; main categories such as EVP and EMF; photography; methodology; equipment and how to use it properly; and all the seemingly endless things to talk about when it comes to ghost hunting!

Other Goals:
We have dreams of new equipment acquisitions for 2011 - including an Ion detector, a state-of-the art radiation detector, a carbon monoxide detector/meter, and other such items.  We are also envisioning a corporate sponsor that could provide us a permanent office and meeting space to call our own, and also a trailer for equipment.  We would love to add three or four more individuals with unique qualifications in areas such as psychology, research, and technical specialists.  While we're dreaming - a top-notch photographer/photography expert would be nice too!  One thing we don't have to dream about - cases!  We seem to never be short of both private and public cases to investigate, which is helping our experience and skill level to be polished and our methodology refined.

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