Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mead Villa a Hot Location of Paranormal Activity

Photo at Left:  Investigator-In-Training Denise Frye uses a MEL EMF meter while checking the front parlour of Mead Villa on Wednesday night.  Photo taken with a FLIRi7 camera.

N.A.P.S. Investigators returned to Mead Villa again on Wednesday night, and it is proving to be an excellent training site for our new investigators-in-training.  We have not failed to get positive EVP each time we have done an investigative outing there. 

Seven investigators were out on this night, including Kim Frith, Mike Chapman, Chris Jackson, and Summer Stone; as well as Investigators-In-Training Denise Frye, Benjie Sanders and Lisa Hollingsworth.  They are quick studies and are already contributing to the Team in significant ways.  Benjie and Lisa will be involved in Saturday's investigation at King's Tavern, and Denise will join us for the Franklin County Private Home investigation on Friday, December 3.

Photo Above: N.A.P.S. Investigator and Lead Historical Researcher Summer Stone places trigger objects on the floor of the second story landing prior to a targeted EVP session.  She placed a Trifield EMF meter beside them as well.  Several of our EVP sessions have been positive for evidence while at Mead Villa.


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