Saturday, October 30, 2010

Great Meeting with Dr. Alan Brown

At least three N.A.P.S. investigators met Dr. Alan Brown this afternoon at Turning Pages Bookstore, and he was very pleasant to speak with.  He signed our copies of Haunted Natchez that we purchased, and left a note in each.  I (Mike) bought one for my sister Millie Burke, a historian who teaches History at Trinity.  There weren't many people there at the time I was in the bookstore, so I was able to speak to him at length and ask him questions, such as which location in Natchez did he find to be the most haunted.  His answer was Magnolia Hall, due to personal experiences he had while staying there (which he mentions in the book), followed by King's Tavern.  I explained to him about N.A.P.S. and what we are researching and investigating presently.  Dr. Brown was very interested in what we are doing at King's Tavern, and asked if I would keep him abreast of our findings.  A couple of his books are solely on ghost hunting teams such as ours, and he has a reputation for having always supported and encouraged the teams that take this research seriously.  He gave me his card, and asked me to phone him and to talk.  I asked him in turn, if he would be available to answer any questions we might have, and be a consultant for us, and he said of course!  We were able to speak for quite a while, and he had many interesting things to say about Natchez, the sites here, and how haunted the South actually is.  At this time, others came in and wanted to speak with him and have him sign their books.  Kim and Michael DeLorenze also met him a bit later, and got to ask him several questions.  When I prepared to leave I went to shake his hand and to thank him for his work in this field.  He again asked me to stay in touch with him.  There is no doubt - I definitely will.  Thank you Dr. Brown!

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