Sunday, October 10, 2010

Everybody's Looking For Answers...

One of my all time favorite movie lines, and I have a ton of 'em, is a line from O' Brother Where Art Thou?...where Everett C. McGill mutters more than once, "Well...everybody's lookin for answers...."

I can tell you for sure that this decribes me, in at least more than one area of this amazing journey called life. One thing I do however, is to be aware of that fact, and to be constantly striving to learn and grow in broad areas across the human spectrum of possible ways to learn and grow, and that would certainly include the area of parapsychology and paranormal research. As such, I'm constantly looking for educational and/or experiential opportunities, and recently found one in an on-line 10 week class entitled Introduction to Parapsychology, offered by The University of Edinburg, in Scotland, in the world famous Koestler Research Department. The class is being instructed by a co-author of one of the foremost textbooks in parasphychology, Dr. Caroline Watt.
I am already learning quite a bit of new and interesting facts about the field, the research, phenomena and the history. I'm also rubbing elbows with other interesting students from around the world, who are taking part in the class. There are Brits, Scots, French, Swedes, Australians, Germans and yep, even good ole Americans. I'm sure this networking will prove to be a valuable resource in my investigations, to be able to email or phone Dr. Watt (and others) when I need to, to discuss tough cases and get outside opinions. If learning opportunities are valuable, then this one is a gold mine!
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