Sunday, October 10, 2010

DAS's Future Described by Gary Galka in Radio Interview

DAS, the maker of the MEL EMF meter, the static pod, and the RT-EVP, is my favorite company that designs and makes paranormal research devices (I own and use all three). In a radio interview that I listened to recently, president Gary Galka described what the company is working on, and what may be coming shortly down the road. By the way, DAS is a very generous company, and to date has given away 319 MEL meters to help advance paranormal research!

Galka stated in the interview that much like the MEL meter solved the problem of having to have several instruments in your hands by incorporating ambient temperature, EMF and a flashlight all into one unit, he is working on a future model of the MEL which will incorporate basic aspects of the RT-EVP as well. There are already hybrid units of the MEL that incorporate the K2 meter as well.

Galka also described that as of right now, upgrades are possible to existing MEL units, whereby if you have a MEL 8704R for example, you can contact the company and upgrade this unit - right in your own home - to a MEL VIBE (with vibration detection). He stated that it is all in the software, and is not a hardware issue, so this is easily possible. He said that DAS deliberately designs their devices to be expandable in this fashion, in order to adapt to rapidly changing demands and "customization" of devices according to what individual investigators in the field prefer. Galka advised that all one has to do is contact the company, pay for only the difference in the cost of the unit, and then they provide a password and the software to plug your unit into your computer and download the upgrade. He said that going forward, this will be a standard for all of their software based equipment, including the RT-EVP. He stated that if you have a DAS-EVP, you can upgrade it to a DAS RT-EVP in the same way. This, he said, is currently possible.

So, if you want to keep your thumb on the pulse of the latest paranormal equipment, keep your eye on these guys for sure. Amazing technology and ideas from an amazing company!

Link to the radio interview with Galka:

Update 3/28/2011:
If my understanding is correct, Gary also produced the P-SB7 Spirit Box, which I also own.  He continues to produce variations of the MEL Meter, which are very useful and helpful in the field. (In addition to the standard MEL 8704, I also own the Mel Vibe and the MEL ATDD.)  To read other articles about DAS and Gary Galka, click on these other posts that I have written:

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  2. Nicest guy, I posted a video review on the Mel-REM and a video about him and he emailed and wanted to talk. Top notch guy! Check the videos out. He claims I 'hit the nail on the head'!


  3. Nicest guy you'd ever meet! I made a YouTube video about him and a review on the Mel-REM. He saw them and emailed me wanting to chat. Top notch person! if you want to see what I did.

  4. Where might someone get some of Gary's devices? I'm a novice paranormal researcher and would love to have some top notch equipment!

  5. Mike, welcome to the field! Go to that's Gary's site. Along the left is a menu for categories of equipment. Look specifically for the MEL Meter (EMF meters), Pods, SDD, P-SB7, and RT-EVP. Of course, many other categories of equipment can be used - such as atmospheric devices, etc. The ones I just listed are the main "paranormal" categories of his equipment that he has made just for paranormal investigators. Also, on the very bottom of their page, is a "Give Us Feedback" link. That is Gary's email ("") - he would love to get an email from you, and it's great to be able to correspond to someone of his stature in the field. Tell him I sent cha! Thanks, and best of luck to you!