Friday, October 29, 2010

Mark Macy - Spot On

These words, spoken by Mark Macy recently on the current situation of paranormal electronic voice phenomena are, to me, right on target:

"I believe those miracles and many more will return when we have learned from our mistakes - when we realize that the doubts, the fears, and the insecurities...the envy, the resentment, and the other dark feelings which we humans experience almost everyday and which we take for granted as a normal part of living here on earth, must all be kept under control when we are involved in any form of spiritual work, especially ITC research.  It is easy for us to say we are in harmony with others, but our hidden doubts, fears, and insecurities say otherwise.  We have to find those dark feelings inside us and bring them into the light to heal.  After all, we humans are spirit magnets, attracting into our lives spiritual influences that resonate with our attitudes.  If we are in doubt or in fear, we will attract spirits into our lives who stir up our doubts and fears.  If we love and trust the people around us, then we will attract spirits into our lives who will support that love and trust." *

I concur.  Here's my take:  The world in which we find ourselves, is one of human self-determining freedom.  No Augustinian deterministic fatalism here, the world is far too dynamic than to be set in some static chronological trap that tick-tocks us to the edge and off into the abyss.  To be sure, this freedom is set within a struggle of blood, bone and tears, but at the end of the tug-and-be-tugged-at day it is we who determine our own destiny - by our choices, our attitude and our decisions, in spite of the bastards who would "have us their way."  And, the not-so-normal-world flexes and pulses all around us, both influencing and being influenced.  So I ask, which invisible pals do you want to be hanging out with? 

* Source - The quote from Mark Macy is from EVP Technician Certification Course; PS301 Manual, page 18; Flamel College, Sacramento, CA.

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